At GAIN, our objective is to help teams automate their workflow and to do that, we’ve become experts in automating our own. When it comes to organizing both internal and external processes, we know it can be harrowing, which is why we’ve found some innovative tools to ease the process. Here are 6 of our favorite tools we use to make sure our team’s internal and external collaboration is seamless.

1. Trello

Trello is an excellent project management tool that helps our team organize ongoing projects. Each board is representative of a current project and allows our team to track progress based on tasks completed. Everyone can collaborate on ongoing projects in real-time and view all of the activity on any given project.

2. Calendly

Calendly is the perfect tool for us to schedule appointments and meetings without all the hassle. The simple and easy-to-use platform is compatible with applications like Salesforce and Slack and can be fully integrated with calendars. Not to mention, the tool can be embedded into any website page so our customers can easily schedule appointments directly through our site. With the Calendly link feature, GAIN team members can share a personal link containing their open time slots, making it super easy to schedule internal and external meetings.

3. Slack

Despite its rather misleading name, Slack achieves quite the opposite of its literal meaning. We use Slack to organize our communication internally, helping our team run a tight ship. This messaging app can be used on mobile and desktop devices so we can reach each other on-the-go and avoid overwhelming email chains. A key feature of Slack is its channels, which we use to organize private and public conversations that can be searched and archived.

4. Zoom

Zoom is giving Skype a run for its money. This user-friendly video call system is designed to make video calling simple and painless. With sleek engineering, Zoom can support up to 500 video callers and 10,000 viewers all at once. We use Zoom to schedule calls and stream high-quality video with our team and customers. Zoom also supports a variety of tools including video webinar capabilities and developer platforms.

5. Intercom

Intercom has helped our team condense many lines of communication down to one. With Intercom, our team can send targeted emails, live chat with our customers, and provide individual, instant support. The tool helps us consolidate customer service and retain users – bridging marketing, sales, and support all in one.


Last, but, certainly not least, we use GAIN internally to create, schedule, and plan all of our marketing content. We’re on a mission to change the way teams work together, and that includes our very own team. GAIN helps us streamline the content approval process, organize our marketing communications, and maximize our productivity.

Our team’s favorite feature, and the one we use most often, is the calendar view where we can easily drag-and-drop posts and organize our content for the month. We also send all of our content feedback to each other through the app and use the calendar labels to set reminders of blog and newsletter publish dates.
We’re all about automating tasks whenever possible so we can spend more time working directly with our users and improving the GAIN platform. Which tools does your team use to automate your workflow? Share with us in the comments.