Sneeze It is on a mission to change the way companies market themselves online.

Using an expansive technology stack made up of proprietary tools, as well as Gain, the digital marketing company has become highly-skilled at analyzing information and automating their tasks in order to provide their clients with a deeper understanding of their audiences and keep them ahead of their competition.

To learn more about how the Sneeze It team optimized its marketing workflow, we spoke to Senior Social Media Manager, Amanda Gerritsen, who shared her insights on how the team relies on automation tools to boost their productivity, as well as her outlook on how the world of digital marketing is evolving for small-to-medium sized agencies.

1. Tell us a bit about your role. What do you do?

My role at Sneeze It, a globally-recognized digital marketing agency, has evolved from Social Media Intern to Community Manager, to Social Media Manager, to now a Senior Social Media Manager.

I think my title does a good job of explaining what I do – I help manage our clients’ social media!

More specifically, I manage the workflow of our team of Community Managers to ensure that our clients are happy with the social media services and community management work we provide. This involves creating social media content, reputation management, and engaging with their community.

2. During your time at Sneeze It, how has the role of marketing evolved?

Since my “Sneeze It inception,” the marketing role has evolved tremendously. We’ve always been a (primarily) digital agency, but adhering to one of our core values, “innovation through process improvement,” we’ve grown in ways that would make our marketing department unrecognizable within three short years.

With new applications such as Gain, our social media has become more user-friendly, allowing us to cut our creative and approval time in half. We’ve also expanded in numbers and excel with strong graphic artists, copywriters, strategists, and managers.

3. Which marketing trends are you excited about?

I’m still unsure if I’m “excited,” but I’m certainly intrigued by artificial intelligence technologies in marketing.

4. In addition to Gain, what tool could you not live without?

Along with Gain, Basecamp is a Sneeze It lifesaver. Our Project Manager, Erica Tahan, does a fantastic job of keeping our entire team on track with reaching our daily, weekly, and monthly goals with the help of Basecamp. It’s a simple, organized way for agencies to see exactly which projects need to be done and when.

Another program that we heavily rely on is Touchstone. Touchstone is where EVERYTHING of ours is documented (job descriptions, processes, organizational charts) and the ideal way to maintain consistent, efficient work across the board.

5. When you switched to Gain, how did things change for your agency? What is the biggest problem Gain solves for you?

After the implementation of Gain, our workflow was simplified, processes were automated, and a personal touch was added to the way we send content.

Instead of emails back and forth (whether between team members or clients), all content lives in one, easy-to-use place. Also, I can trust that if I want something to go out on October 1st at 10:05 a.m., it will go out at the time with Gain.

In addition, I truly believe that sending content through Gain adds that personal touch that our clients yearn for. Having the ability to click “Approve” or “Request a Revision,” and then provide their feedback on each piece of content, shows them that we appreciate what they have to say.

Thusly, the biggest problem that Gain solved for Sneeze It was the issue of workflow, automation, and personalization with our clients.

Many thanks to Amanda for talking with us! Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more tips and insights from the top agencies using Gain to automate their social media approvals so stay tuned!

If you’re ready to start automating your content approval process, try out a free demo of Gain with your clients today.