Agencies excel at marketing, advertising, media planning, communicating, making consumers learn, want, get, use, and buy. They’ve been doing this for hundreds of years in every medium, but social is still the one they struggle with the most. It’s no wonder, really, when you consider this is a medium where consumers are openly participating, talking back and expecting to be heard, and where existing customers directly influence potential customers, all while being a business’s most important customer help platform. Yes, social media is hard.

It’s no longer possible for agencies to think of marketing as the process of creating the one great piece that’ll look great on that billboard. Today’s social marketing is the continuous creation and management of great content that is earnest, informative, fun, and worth sharing.

Great Facebook marketing requires (awesome) content and (easy) collaboration.

When it comes to Facebook marketing many agencies are all over the place. Some try to hire a social media manager and have that person scramble across departments to try and wrangle everyone to chime in. Other times the agency expects the social media person to be everything on Facebook: create the content, keep a calendar, promote and maintain media budgets, and report to the agency and clients. This is not conducive to great marketing, folks.

In order to manage an awesome Facebook marketing strategy an agency needs to bring its best assets to the table. This means bringing the best talent from the creative team, the social media team, and the media team and have them collaborate in a way that does not require a complete rearrangement of the current process inside the agency.

Ok, tell me about Gain and why should I care.

When we started working on Gain we set out to fix these issues that social brings to agencies and large teams. Both of us come from an agency background and have lived through (survived?) most of them. We’ve seen many good tools out there but none address the real pain point of collaboration and separation of tasks. We’re talking about a comprehensive workflow that supports the specific talents of each team member at every step of the process: creative, scheduling of the content pipeline, media planning and budgeting, manager/client approvals, and finally reporting. We hope Gain becomes the tool that eases this pain. Check out the website for more, or send us a message at