For anyone managing multiple Twitter accounts with multiple contributors, having an approval process in place is crucial. Not only does an approval process ensure that your tweets are appropriate for each account but it also helps minimize mistakes — whether it’s poor timing, grammatical issues, or spelling errors.

GAIN can help your team rest assured that your posts are always error-free. GAIN also automates the entire approval process, from creation to approval to scheduling of the posts. So if you’re ready to implement an easy, automated approval process for Twitter content, here’s how to use GAIN to simplify your workflow.

Create an Approval Template

Approval templates let you define workflows to automate the approval and scheduling of your Twitter content. You can add as many approval levels as you need, with as many people as you need. Approvals can be gathered from anyone, not just the client but inside your own agency or marketing team as well.


For each approval round, you can specify whether everyone must approve to move your tweets to the next round of approvers, or if any single person is sufficient for approval. It’s all about flexibility. GAIN will automatically move your tweets to the next round of approvers, or you can do it manually.

Once the posts you’ve sent for approval have been reviewed by all necessary team members or clients, GAIN can automatically schedule your tweets and publish them to Twitter for you.

Create Pixel-Perfect Previews of Tweets


Say goodbye to mocking up and emailing your content calendars in spreadsheets. GAIN’s post creator allows you to see exactly how your tweets will look as you edit them. GAIN also supports Twitter’s new character count, so photos, GIFs, videos, polls, and quotes will no longer count as characters within your tweets and you’ll know exactly how many characters out of 140 you’ve used with the live character counter.


Knowing exactly how your tweets are going to look is not only useful for the content creators but also the clients or stakeholders approving the posts. GAIN replicates the exact Twitter experience, with full support for images, GIFs, and video playbacks.

Stay Organized

With the GAIN social editorial calendar, your team and your clients will know the status of every post (for example: live, scheduled, pending approval), and when it is scheduled to post. GAIN provides an easy-to-use timeline and full 30-day calendar views where you can quickly view tweets and drag and drop posts to reschedule. Planning and scheduling tweets has never been easier.


Are you using GAIN to approve Twitter content? How have you designed your workflows in GAIN to automate your content approval process? Share your advice with us in the comments.