Whether you have an office, a cubicle, or a desk, you should have an area everyday where you work that you have slight control over its aesthetics. And while you may just plop your laptop down wherever and get to work, there are actually ways to be more productive during the day by changing your work area. There have been numerous studies on this topic, and it turns out that the space around us can really make or break an efficient day. If you want to get a bit more done each day, then read these tips on how to organize your space to be more productive.


While most buildings are temperature controlled, it may be worth talking to your office manager about turning down the AC in the summer (and cranking the heat in the winter). A study reports that we work better at warmer temperatures. Cornell University did a test where workers were in environments of 68 degrees and 77 degrees. Surprisingly, at 68 degrees, workers performed monotonous keyboard tasks with 54% of the time with a 25% error rate. When the heat was raised to 77 degrees, workers performed these same tasks 100% of the time with only a 10% error rate. Bring a space heater to work – you may find yourself finishing tasks faster.

Colors in your Space

Color too can impact productivity in the workplace. Colors such as blue and green have been found to improve efficiency and focus, while colors such as beige, white, and gray can add a gloomy and depressed feeling to workers. While your boss might not let you paint your walls, you can decorate your cubicle or office accordingly, adding in a green or blue print to the wall in order to increase productivity.

Get Rid of Clutter

Probably a no-brainer, but clutter can really distract from productivity. It’s important to come up with a system of organizing your desk and sticking with it – even if it means taking a bit of extra time out of the day to maintain the system. One tip is to clean your desk each night and organize all papers so the next morning you can start fresh and organized. Make sure to get folders, boxes, etc. to help organize papers, and you’ll go the extra step if you invest in a labeler.

Get a Plant (even a small one)

Studies show that plants in the desk space can make you more productive and provide a restorative feeling. So even if you need to get a small cactus, get something green in your space to help you work better throughout the day.

Consider your Height

Head over to the ergonomic workspace planner to figure out the best way to place your computer and chair to achieve maximum comfort and productivity. Do the best you can when moving your computer, monitor, and keyboard around – you might find yourself working more effectively.

Bonus: Consider a standing desk to improve productivity and health!

After organizing your space, try to measure if you get more done or not and pass on the tips to your co-workers; it could mean getting everyone out of the office faster! Be the most organized person on your team and also check out Gain for all your content collaboration needs.