Most social media content strategies revolve around a calendar to ensure that the topics are aligned with the overall messaging of the brand or institution. Unfortunately, the tools that exist today are primitive and somewhat rudimentary (spreadsheets, really?). Yet most organizations are stuck with them as there has not been a true, easy, solution for creating, organizing, and publishing your social media content around a calendar.

Building a Better Calendar

At Gain we’ve taken all our knowledge around managing content for clients and built a tool that transforms (in a good way!) the way an organization manages their social media content around a calendar.

We want to share how Gain helps streamline your workflow in the following areas:

  • Scheduling/Calendar – Goodbye spreadsheets! We help you organize your content in an easy and good-looking weekly timeline view that shows a pixel-perfect preview of every piece of content at a glance. It lets you filter between drafts, unapproved, approved, and scheduled content. You can easily move from week to week to see your upcoming content.
  • Content Approvals – Sometimes team members or clients need to approve some of the content before it gets published. We want to make sure you can gather feedback and get approvals from the stakeholders in an streamlined way. With a couple of clicks, you share the calendar content for clients to see, approve or comment and they don’t even need an account on Gain, a simple click on their email does the trick. Did we mention that you won’t need spreadsheets anymore?
  • Content Publishing – Traditionally, once approved, the process to upload all the content to be scheduled begins. In Gain, once the content is approved, it is ready to go to the social network. Eliminating the spreadsheet out of the approval process means that once a client gives you the go-ahead on the content in your calendar, it can be published with just a couple of clicks.

We have built a much better calendar. An that is just one of the features that make Gain the most efficient way for any agency or social media manager to manage their social marketing content workflow.

Try us today for 14 days for free. No credit card needed. We think you’ll love it. Your clients will love you more for it too.

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