Agencies that employ external teams or freelancers have always been able to invite those teams to GAIN as Contributors. Originally, Contributors could only create content and save it in drafts. This limited access kept the opportunities of the Contributor role to a minimum. These limitations were set as a way to keep security and control of client work between the agency and the client. Now, we’ve revised the role of the Contributor to allow greater access to GAIN’s features, while still maintaining the security of your client’s work.


Increased Platform Access


Drafting content is the first stage of a multiple-step process. Some content needs to go through many rounds of approvals and revisions by many stakeholders before it’s ready to be published.

Pushing content through an approval process is now faster because contributors and agencies are allowed to collaborate together on content. This is because contributors can now send content to be approved. They can also edit content that is in any approval stage, i.e. pending, revision required, or ready for next round. They can respond to revision requests that are directed towards them and they can make revision requests of their own.

Client Work Stays Secure


Meanwhile, greater Contributor access on GAIN doesn’t mean contributors can finalize any content. Content can still only be scheduled, published, or deleted from a channel by the agency or the client. Leaving the final step to the key stakeholders ensures that nothing goes live or gets removed by external collaborators.

Collaborate More Efficiently


With this upgrade, contributors, agencies, and clients can now work together effectively throughout the entire content creation process! Work can be evenly distributed between everyone so content can be pushed through the approval process faster than ever. Not to mention, having more editors looking over each piece of content decreases the chances of publishing posts with errors. Agencies can even reorganize their workflows to give contributors control over creating content for an individual event, topic, or social media channel with the confidence that the agency and the client will always act as the final approvers before anything gets published.

So if your team outsources any of the content creation process, those external contributors can now become more involved your overall workflow on GAIN.

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