Maintaining an updated, highly-engaging Instagram page requires many manual steps. Because Instagram still has strict rules for third-party and automation tools, it’s not possible to automate your Instagram marketing entirely.

There needs to be someone on the team who can produce high-quality photos and videos, someone who can write catchy captions to accompany the posts, and someone to review the content before it’s shipped off to clients for final approval.

Whether your agency handles Instagram content creation in-house or you outsource it, it’s crucial that your Instagram workflow is as streamlined as possible. Without a process in place, team members can overlap on tasks or forget who is doing what, creating inefficiencies within your team and for your clients.

Here are a few tips for speeding up your Instagram workflow as a team.

1. Establish your Approval Flow

Nowadays, brands must offer a consistent mixture of photos, videos, stories, and live content to attract and keep their audiences engaged on Instagram.

The problem is that traditional small- to medium-sized agencies cannot often hire the number of content creators required to produce content in real-time, multiple times per day. What’s more, it can be challenging to create, review, and approve content quickly enough so that you can scale your process.

Establishing an approval flow from the beginning is key. Team members can decide on the goals of the Instagram campaign together so that everyone is on the same page and the content is consistent. Next, everyone can identify his or her role and define precisely how each Instagram post or ad should move through the creation process.

Learn more about defining roles on GAIN for your Instagram content.

2. Identify your approvers

Creating high-quality Instagram content requires numerous creative individuals to come together and turn their ideas into eye-catching content for clients’ feeds. But when you have so many team members working on one channel, you also run the risk of receiving too much input and feedback, which can slow down the content production process.

Rather than allowing every team member to provide his or her input at any time, identify the key stakeholders who should be responsible for final approvals. Then, you can define when the rest of your team members can offer their feedback before it reaches the final approver(s) or decision makers.

Learn more about how to send Instagram content to final approvers using GAIN.

3. Consider hiring a dedicated Instagrammer

Instagram is constantly changing its API and releasing new features and tools for brands all of the time. It’s difficult for marketers to keep up with all of the changes. However, with approximately 80% of Instagram users following a business on the social network, it’s impossible to ignore.

For many teams, it may be time to consider designating or hiring a new team member to focus only on the Instagram channels you manage. No automation tool can press ‘Live’ or answer Live chat questions. Stories, too, need to be authentic and shared in real-time. After all, they only last for 24 hours.

Being able to like, share, and follow other accounts is a vital part of being on Instagram. Having a dedicated Instagrammer on your team allows you to do the manual liking and following that creates an engaged profile and keeps clients happy.

Streamlining your Instagram workflow with GAIN

Instagram might be one of the best channels to achieve organic views and engage audiences, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to manage. In fact, without defining your Instagram workflow and making an effort to streamline it, managing multiple Instagram pages can be an incredible drain on your team’s time and resources. Follow the tips above and check out how GAIN can help your team manage multiple Instagram pages and schedule Instagram content all in one place.