If you’re managing a brand’s social media, you know the drill: endless content calendars, keeping up with the latest trends, and trying to engage your audience effectively. It’s a lot.

Between crafting posts, analyzing data, and responding to messages, there’s hardly any time left for creative thinking or strategy planning. That’s exactly where AI tools can make a significant difference.

In this article, we bring to you 10 AI tools for social media to help you breathe a little easier and automate mundane tasks so you can focus on high-value activities.

Let’s start by going over the basics.

What Are AI Social Media Tools?

AI social media tools are software applications that leverage artificial intelligence to automate, enhance, and analyze social media activities. These tools can help with tasks such as content creation, audience targeting, post scheduling, and sentiment analysis to better understand and engage with social media users.

What Makes a Good AI Social Media Tool?

The best AI social media tools should take care of mundane and repetitive tasks, saving you time (and money). Here are three aspects you should pay attention to:

Effective Automation for Time-Saving

Automation of routine tasks like writing social media captions or scheduling posts is key. After all, you don’t want to spend hours on these kinds of tasks, right?

One study found that on average, AI can increase employee productivity by 14% and significantly reduce the time spent on mundane tasks.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Another key feature of a good AI social media tool is its ability to provide analytics and insights. According to research, organizations that use data tools to help make decisions are 58% more likely to hit their revenue targets and are 162% more likely to go beyond these targets than other businesses.

Look for a tool that can track and analyze your social media activity, giving you detailed reports on things like audience engagement, content performance, and trends.

User-friendly Interface

Finally, whatever tool you decide to use, you want to ensure its wide adoption across your team. For this reason, a good AI social media tool should have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. This ensures that users of all skill levels can effectively utilize the tool without facing a steep learning curve.

10 AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation and Management

1. Gain

First on the list is Gain, our social media management tool designed to streamline your approval workflow for your social content. Its main purpose is to make the process of creating, approving, and scheduling your social media content easier and more efficient.

With Gain, you can set up a workflow that automatically tells the next person in line when it’s their turn to review and approve a piece of content. This means as soon as someone submits a social media asset for approval, the next reviewer is immediately notified to give their input.

Besides making approvals a breeze, Gain also has this nifty AI writer feature which can do some pretty handy stuff, saving your team a bunch of time.

For example, with Gain’s AI writer, you can:

  • Translate content
  • Spell check
  • Correct grammar mistakes
  • Summarize key points
  • Brainstorm ideas.

Click here to learn more about this feature.

Pricing: The Starter plan costs $99 per month billed annually.

2. Wordstream

Wordstream is a powerful digital advertising tool that helps businesses optimize their online ad campaigns across platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing. It’s particularly useful for small to medium-sized businesses looking to maximize their advertising ROI.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive performance reporting for easy campaign tracking.
  • Smart tools for keyword research and bid management.
  • Tailored suggestions for improving ad performance.
  • Cross-platform campaign management from a single dashboard.

Pricing: Available upon request.

3. Taplio

Taplio is a dedicated LinkedIn marketing tool designed to enhance presence and engagement on the platform. Ideal for individuals and businesses looking to leverage LinkedIn for brand growth and networking.

Key Features:

  • Personalized content creation suggestions.
  • In-depth analytics for performance tracking.
  • Tools for audience engagement and growth.
  • Automation features for efficient content scheduling.

Pricing: $39/month billed yearly.

4. Predis.ai

Predis.ai stands out as an AI-driven tool for creating optimized social media content. It uses AI to analyze trends and suggests hashtags tailored to your audience.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered content recommendations and analytics.
  • Automatic image and copy generation for posts.
  • Insights into audience preferences and behaviors.
  • User-friendly interface for easy content creation.

Pricing: Free plan for one brand available. The cheapest plan starts at $29/month.

5. Canva

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that integrates AI to provide a more intuitive and efficient design experience. It’s ideal for creating social media content, presentations, and various other visual materials, accessible to users of all skill levels.

Key Features:

  • Extensive collection of templates and design elements powered by AI for personalized suggestions.
  • AI-driven design assistant for automatic layout and color scheme recommendations.
  • Drag-and-drop interface enhanced with AI for smarter design adjustments.
  • Collaboration features for team projects.

Pricing: Offers a free version with basic features, and premium plans that start at $14.99 per person per month.

6. Synthesia

Synthesia is an innovative AI video creation platform that enables users to produce high-quality videos using AI avatars and text-to-speech technology. It’s particularly useful for creating educational content, marketing videos, and corporate training materials.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered avatars for personalized video presentations.
  • Advanced text-to-speech technology for realistic voiceovers.
  • Customizable templates for various video types.
  • Easy-to-use interface, requiring no prior video editing skills.

Pricing: Starts at $22/month.

7. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI art generator that turns text into images. The tool leverages neural networks trained on large data of visuals to create beautiful images by analyzing text prompts.

Key Features:

  • Generates multiple images from a single prompt.
  • Can generate images in 4k resolution.
  • Supports a variety of styles including oil paintings, anime, pixel art, comics, mosaic, and stained glass, among others.
  • Commercial rights are available for paid members.

Pricing: Free 10 generations per day. If more visuals are needed, the cheapest plan starts at $10/month.

8. Vidyo.ai

Vidyo.ai is an AI-enhanced video editing tool that simplifies the process of creating professional-looking videos. It’s ideal for social media marketers and content creators who need to produce high-quality videos quickly.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered editing tools for quick and efficient video production.
  • AI video transcription and subtitle generation.
  • Customizable templates and effects for unique video creation.
  • Seamless integration with various social media platforms for easy sharing.

Pricing: Free for up to 75 minutes of upload. The cheapest plan starts at $49.99/month.

9. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is an AI-powered social media monitoring and analytics tool. It’s designed to track brand mentions across the web and social media, providing valuable insights for reputation management and marketing strategy.

Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring of brand mentions across social media and the web.
  • Sentiment analysis to gauge public perception of your brand.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for informed decision-making.

Pricing: Starts at $69/month.

10. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, an all-rounder, is great for various kinds of social media tasks. It can be a valuable asset in managing social media by crafting engaging and relevant content tailored to your audience.

Whether it’s for tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram captions, ChatGPT is super versatile. Apart from caption writing, it can also help in brainstorming hashtag ideas, generating creative post ideas, and even responding to user comments in a consistent and on-brand manner.

Looking for some practical ways to use ChatGPT in social media? Here are 13 great prompt ideas to get you started.

Pricing: The basic version is free.


We’re all about finding simpler, smarter ways to get things done. As a next step, why not give one or two of these tools a try? They might just make your social media tasks a lot easier and more efficient.

If you’re in search of a social media management tool that leverages AI, consider exploring Gain. Gain simplifies your social media workflows, allowing you to effortlessly create, approve, and schedule content.

Try Gain at no cost.

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