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Has your Instagram visibility and engagement dropped? It might be that your content isn’t hitting the mark. 

Unsure about what’s trending on social media, especially on Instagram? It’s about time to get a grip on what’s new and what’s next

This blog post zeroes in on the top 8 Instagram trends for 2024, tailored to help you grow on the platform. This straightforward, no-nonsense guide is perfect for anyone managing a brand’s Instagram account, from marketing professionals to agencies.

Let’s jump right in.

8 Instagram Trends to Help Your Brand Grow in 2024

  1. Reels’ Domination
  2. Interactive Live Streams
  3. Focus on Micro-influencers
  4. Authentic and Unfiltered Content
  5. Instagram Broadcast Channels
  6. Partnerships and Collaborative Posts
  7. Shoppable Posts
  8. Polls in the Comments

1. Reels’ Domination

In 2024, Instagram Reels will continue to be one of the most important content formats on the platform. Reels’ popularity will remain strong due to their high engagement rates and the growing preference for visual, easy-to-consume media.

Instagram Reels cater to the short attention span of users, making them ideal for storytelling, brand promotion, and information sharing in a compelling and interactive way.

Take a look at brands like Medik8 Cosmetics. They use Reels to showcase their products in action, from how to build a skincare routine using their products to behind-the-scenes glimpses of product creation. It’s engaging, informative, and gives a real sense of what the brand is about.

Reels are also perfect for tapping into current trends, too. Whether it’s a viral dance or a popular meme format, incorporating these into your content can significantly increase your visibility. Just remember, the key with Reels is authenticity. Users are drawn to content that feels genuine and relatable.

2. Interactive Live Streams

Interactive Live Streams will be taking center stage on Instagram in 2024, transforming how brands connect with their audience in real time.

An excellent example of this trend in action is how fitness brands like Peloton use live streams. They conduct live workout sessions where followers can join in from anywhere. The interactive element comes into play as viewers can ask questions, leave comments, and even get shout-outs during the session, making the experience more personal and engaging.

Small businesses can capitalize on this trend by hosting Q&A sessions, live tutorials, or product demonstrations. Interactive live sessions allow your audience to participate, creating a deeper sense of community.

3. Focus on Micro-Influencers

In 2024, brands on Instagram will be increasingly partnering with micro-influencers to reach more engaged and niche audiences.

These influencers, though they may have smaller followings, often boast higher engagement rates and a more dedicated audience than their macro counterparts. A study by Emplifi found that micro-influencers account for 91% of engagement on sponsored content on Instagram.

The power of micro-influencers lies in their authenticity and the trust they have built with their audience. By focusing on these partnerships, brands will be able to leverage this trust, leading to increased brand loyalty and more meaningful engagement on Instagram.

4. Authentic and Unfiltered Content

In the upcoming year, the shift towards authentic and unfiltered content on Instagram will be more pronounced than ever. This trend is about moving away from perfectly polished posts to more genuine, relatable content, which resonates strongly with audiences.

How can you embrace this trend?

Consider sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses and the real faces behind your brand. For instance, if you run a bakery, you might want to post candid photos of the baking process or share stories about how you developed particular recipes. Less curated content allows you to get closer to your audience while adding a personal touch.

5. Instagram Broadcast Channels

In 2023, Instagram introduced its Broadcast Channels, opening a new avenue for brands to communicate directly with their audience. These channels are ideal for sharing real-time updates, exclusive content, and announcements, offering a more personal touch.

Instagram’s ambassador for creators, Kar Brulhart, says that Instagram Broadcasts can give you a quick engagement boost:

So, if you haven’t already, 2024 is a good time to start your brand’s Broadcast Channel to foster a closer, more immediate connection with your customers.

6. Partnerships and Collaborative Posts

In 2024, partnerships and collaborative posts on Instagram will be highly effective for brands seeking to expand their reach and engage new audiences. By teaming up with complementary businesses or influencers, brands can tap into new customer bases and add fresh perspectives to their content.

A prime example is how lifestyle brands collaborate with travel bloggers. By creating content that combines travel experiences with lifestyle products, both parties benefit from the expanded reach and engagement. For instance, a travel gear company partnering with a popular travel blogger can create authentic content that appeals to the wanderlust of their combined audiences.

For smaller businesses, these collaborations can be localized. A local organic food store could partner with a fitness influencer to create content around healthy living, reaching health-conscious consumers in their community.

7. Shoppable Posts

Instagram will be a new marketplace in 2024 thanks to its growing popularity of shoppable posts. These posts allow customers to make purchases directly from a post, streamlining the entire shopping experience.

Many brands are leveraging this feature already. For example, a fashion brand, ASOS, uses shoppable posts to turn their Instagram feeds into virtual storefronts. Customers can view and buy products with just a few taps, bridging the gap between browsing and purchasing.

If you’re a product-based business, shoppable posts should become part of your marketing mix next year.

8. Polls in the Comments

Last but not least, polls are fantastic for boosting user engagement on Instagram. The trend of using polls in the comments section will be on the rise in 2024. They’re easy to implement and offer several benefits for brands, including:

  • Gathering feedback
  • Gaining a better understanding of audience preferences
  • Increasing engagement

Take, for instance, a beauty brand that posts a photo of two lipstick shades and asks followers to vote for their favorite in the comments. This approach doesn’t just drive engagement; it also provides valuable insights into customer preferences, helping to shape sales strategies.

Above all, using polls in comments is a straightforward yet effective way to transform passive viewers into active participants. Turn your Instagram account into interactive, two-way conversations!


That wraps up the top Instagram trends for 2024! Whether it’s getting creative with Reels or engaging with your community through polls in the comments, there’s a lot to play with.

So, why not pick a trend or two and give them a try? See what works for you, keep an eye on your engagement, and most importantly, have fun with it.

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