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The festive season brings not just a chill in the air and the jingle of bells, but also a golden opportunity for your business to engage with your audience on social media. 

Christmas, with its colorful aura and joyful spirit, opens up endless possibilities for creative and captivating social media content. Yet, the challenge lies in standing out amidst a sea of holiday-themed posts, where every business is vying for attention.

Here are 9 creative Christmas social media post ideas for businesses that want to be remembered this holiday season and beyond.

Idea #1: Behind-the-Scenes Festive Preparations

Every business, however small, does some Christmas prep and decorating. And that can be a great Christmas social media post idea that requires little to no preparation.

Grab your camera, phone, or whatever you use to record videos to film your team decking out the office, wrapping orders in festive packaging, writing cards, or wearing Christmas sweaters. This sort of content goes beyond the usual business façade, adding a personal and relatable touch to your brand.

Plus, behind-the-scenes content breaks away from the typical promotional posts many businesses put out during the festive season!

Idea #2: Customer-Generated Content

User-generated content is a hot trend on social media, and it’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers.

This holiday season, you can encourage your audience to get involved and create content related to your brand. It could be them showing off your products in a festive setting, sharing their holiday stories connected to your services, or even making art or stories inspired by your brand. The beauty of customer-generated content is that it’s genuine and relatable.

To get the ball rolling, consider launching a hashtag campaign that encourages customers to share their festive moments featuring your products. Once they do, you can repost these on your own social media platforms with their permission. That’s exactly what Babboe, a cargo bike brand, is doing using their signature #babboemoment hashtag.

If you want to get your audience active even more, consider organizing a contest where the best customer-created Christmas post showcasing your product or service wins a prize.

Idea #3: Interactive Christmas Countdown

Engage your audience with a daily countdown to Christmas. This interactive approach can build anticipation and maintain consistent engagement throughout the festive season. Each day, share a unique post that could include holiday tips, special offers, fun facts about Christmas, or even a daily reveal of a new product or service.

You can make this countdown interactive by encouraging your followers to participate. For instance, ask them to share their own holiday tips, memories, or wish lists in the comments.

Idea #4: Holiday-Themed Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways have always been a great way to boost engagement, and they’re especially effective during the Christmas season. So, why not design a holiday-themed contest or giveaway that not only gets your audience excited but also fits perfectly with your brand’s identity?

One idea is to have your followers share their favorite Christmas memories, post a picture featuring your product in a festive setup, or even create a short video explaining why they adore the holiday season. Make sure that participating in the contest is easy and enjoyable, and make the prizes enticing and relevant to your brand.

Need some inspiration? Take the example of Peggy Porschen, a famous London-based bakery, that decided to do a festive giveaway to encourage their audience to engage with their brand and share the post for wider reach.

Idea #5: Collaborative Posts with Local Businesses or Influencers

Collaborations can be a powerful way to expand your reach and bring fresh content to your social media channels during Christmas. Partner with local businesses or influencers to create joint Christmas-themed posts. This not only diversifies your content but also exposes your brand to a broader audience.

Take a look again at Peggy Porschen’s Instagram giveaway as an example. They’ve partnered with MakeBox, a craft subscription company, to encourage their audiences to engage with both brands. Collaborations like these are a win-win. They foster community connections, support local businesses, and offer your audience something unique and exciting to engage with during the festive season.

Idea #6: Exclusive Holiday Offers and Sneak Peeks

Another simple yet awesome idea is to share exclusive offers and sneak peeks. Tell your followers about those special Christmas discounts, and time-limited deals, or give them a little preview of what’s coming next.

These exclusive offers and sneak peeks of upcoming products or services can create a buzz and drive engagement on your social media channels during the Christmas season. Moreover, it’s a great chance to show off why your products or services make awesome Christmas gifts.

Check this Instagram post by Rivièra Maison, a home furniture and decoration brand, promoting its advent calendar.

Idea #7: Fun Christmas Polls and Surveys

Using interactive polls and surveys is a great way to connect with your social media audience, and it’s even more fun during the Christmas season.

You can whip up polls or surveys that match the holiday spirit and what your audience is into. These can be anything from casual questions like “What’s your all-time favorite Christmas movie?” to ones that relate to your brand, like “Which of our products would you love as a Christmas gift?”

The best part? These engaging posts not only get your audience involved but also give you a peek into their likes and opinions. This information can be super handy for tailoring your future content and marketing plans.

Don’t have time to come up with trivia questions? Use ChatGPT. Here’s a simple prompt for you:

“Create ten questions for a Christmas social media trivia game to post on various social media channels.”

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Idea #8: Holiday Playlist Collaboration

Christmas without music isn’t Christmas, right? Everybody likes listening to festive music and certainly has their favorite tune. Use that to your advantage by creating a collaborative holiday playlist with your followers.

Ask them to suggest their favorite holiday songs, and compile a Spotify playlist or YouTube playlist to share with everyone. A simple and easy-to-execute idea!

Idea #9: Santa’s Wishlist Challenge

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Your customers certainly do! Challenge them to create a wishlist for their friends and family, but with a twist. They must use only products or services from your business.

Encourage them to be creative and thoughtful in their selections, reflecting the personalities and preferences of their loved ones. To add more excitement, offer a special discount to those who participate or enter them into a draw to win items from their curated wishlist.

Wrapping Up

The holiday season provides a special opportunity for you to engage with your audience in a unique and playful way. Ideas like behind-the-scenes peeks, customer-created content, and fun Christmas polls and surveys offer ways to capture your audience’s attention and foster deeper connections. Use and experiment with these 9 Christmas social media post ideas for businesses to see what works best for you!

Remember, the key takeaways from these ideas are:

  • Creativity in showcasing your brand’s unique holiday spirit.
  • Engagement through interactive and user-focused content.
  • Building a sense of community and shared festive joy.

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