If you run a social media management agency, you know how stressful content delivery to your clients can be. We’re almost certain that you’ve encountered instances when you’ve sent out social media posts for your clients to review, but then… crickets. Or, you received client feedback, but it was after the original publishing date.

And then, how many times have you found yourself caught in a whirlwind of communication issues, with different versions of content assets floating around in inboxes? The list goes on.

While these issues are common (and part of the nature of social media management), they can be prevented with well-thought-out processes and tools designed to automate time-consuming tasks.

In this article, we’re going to examine the most common content delivery challenges and how our tool, Gain, can help you overcome them.

What Issues Agencies Run Into When Delivering Content to Clients

As we already mentioned in the introduction, social media agency owners face many hurdles that can complicate the content delivery process. And, the more clients you add to your roster, the more quickly things can spiral out of control.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the most common client content delivery challenges to better understand where bottlenecks occur.

Approval Delays and Miscommunication

Communication is at the heart of a great relationship between agencies and clients. But it can break down, especially when we talk about client feedback on content you create and send to them for review.

Agencies frequently face delays while waiting for client feedback and often find themselves repeatedly reminding clients about content that needs reviewing. It becomes frustrating to have to send emails such as: “Have you had a chance to look at the Instagram post we sent to you last Friday?” or “Could you provide us with some feedback on the visual we created for your LinkedIn business page?”

When client approvals lag, it can disrupt the entire content calendar, causing agencies to miss optimal posting windows or rush other projects. Plus, if you find yourself spending more time chasing clients than focusing on the creative side of things, that’s never ideal. It’s actually counterproductive and doesn’t create any value—only frustration.

Version Control Nightmares

When you deliver your content via email or another tool that doesn’t facilitate version control and in-context feedback, you might run into some issues. Let’s say your agency sends the initial draft to your client for approval. They want you to change a visual slightly or reword the copy. You work on the changes, send the updated version back, and everything seems fine.

But before you know it, your client tags in more in-house stakeholders to have their say on the content. Each starts suggesting different things, you try to accommodate all the changes, and yet you end up posting the wrong version of the post.

The lack of structure in passing the feedback back and forth and accurately tracking changes can lead to embarrassing mistakes, like outdated promotions going out, and inefficiencies.

Difficulty in Managing Multiple Clients at Scale

Welcoming a growing roster of clients is excellent news for any agency, but this can further complicate content delivery. Every client brings to the table their own set of social media aspirations, distinct brand identity, and unique requirements, scattered across diverse social media platforms.

Furthermore, depending on the size of your clients’ businesses, you might need to deal with not just one but several stakeholders within a single company, further complicating the entire content delivery process.

Managing a sizable roster of clients can become a logistical puzzle, amplified by the need for ongoing communication and feedback loops with each client. That’s a lot. And that’s when mistakes can start creeping in.

So, what can you do to mitigate these content delivery risks? Well, rather than relying on clients to provide timely feedback (you might be waiting for a while), take matters into your own hands. Our social media management tool, Gain, can help you with that.

Ways Gain Can Help You Manage Content Delivery Better

Automated Approval Workflows to Minimize Delays

From our experience and from talking to agencies using Gain, content approvals are where most agencies find themselves struggling.

With Gain, you can create customizable approval workflows that suit your team’s and clients’ unique requirements, and keep content assets moving from one approver to the next automatically.

Gain lets you design bespoke social media content approval workflows, including adding as many rounds of approvals and as many people as you need. With such an approval workflow in place, you can drastically improve your communication with clients, and gather feedback faster, ensuring faster campaign execution.

How does Gain do it? It sends automatic reminders to your clients until they approve, meaning you don’t have to do the nagging. It also makes the process of approving content super easy on the client’s side with a Magic Approver Login (a feature that lets approvers access content securely from their email on any device without needing a password).

All in all, it saves you time that you’d normally spend on chasing clients and minimizes mistakes.

In-Context Collaboration and Feedback Tools to Reduce Miscommunication and Errors

Multiple revisions, a lack of version control, and different stakeholders chiming in can all result in confusion and errors. Gain’s collaboration features facilitate easier cross-team collaboration by providing a centralized platform where team members can communicate, review, and provide feedback in context.

Gain allows for annotations and comments to be made directly on the content, whether it’s a social media update, an Instagram reel, or a list of blog post ideas. You can even provide annotations directly on visual files to make feedback clearer and more precise.

Furthermore, thanks to Gain’s Activity and Approval Tracker, you can see a detailed log of all the activity that happens on each content item, including changes, requested revisions, comments, and approvals—all with names and timestamps.

In short, Gain simplifies the process for your team to receive and implement feedback, ensuring that you are always delivering spot-on content to your clients. Likewise, it makes the process of giving feedback easier for your clients, as they have one dedicated place to share their thoughts on the content you create for them.

Workspaces for Easy Client Organization

Gathering client feedback is only half the battle. Managing multiple clients and ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of content is another area where Gain can help you.

Gain’s Workspaces feature allows you to organize your clients’ content assets all in one place. You can create File Folders to organize clients’ marketing assets by campaign, content type, team, or even language to meet your clients’ unique requirements.

Furthermore, with Gain, you can create Calendar Labels to highlight important dates for your social media campaigns and use Content Tags to categorize different content assets. Gain also provides access to a Content Calendar, enabling you to view a month’s worth of social posts at a glance, drag and drop to reschedule, and mark important dates.

The best part? You can white label your workspaces to truly make them your own. Delivering your content within a branded workspace allows you to provide a seamless and consistent experience across all client touchpoints.


Delivering social media content to clients shouldn’t be a pain. With tools like Gain and some strategic planning, you can solve many pain points for your agency and clients, helping you deliver a great customer experience without overworking your team.

Give Gain a try for free and see how it can help your agency handle all your clients’ social media content hassle-free. Say goodbye to content delivery headaches for good!

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