We’re so pumped to tell you all about the new Gain Desktop app! Gain Desktop is just another way for us to help you boost your productivity. But wait, how can using a desktop app boost your productivity? Read on!

Reason #1: You can focus solely on work

How many tabs do you have open on your browser right now? Chances are, no less than 10. Having multiple browser tabs open so you can move frequently from one to the other sounds like something that would increase your productivity, but it’s actually the opposite. Studies on multitasking tell us that when we bounce from task to task, our brain actually loses its ability to focus. And trust us, focus is not something that you want to lose. That’s when we do our best work!

With an app, you can open it when it’s time to work – no browser, no distractions – and close it when you’re done – no work notifications during off time, thank you!

Reason #2: You’ll never miss a notification

With an app, your notifications won’t get lost among all your other emails, or among notifications from your other 15 open browser tabs. Any notification you receive will be related to the tasks that you’re performing or following in the app. When you get a notification in context, it’s relevant, and you can do something about it quickly, without losing focus and having to do a big mental switch. Productivity is all about being in the zone!

Reason #3: A smoother, faster experience

Your browser can only handle so much information at the same time. It’s a fact that the more tabs you have open, the slower it will perform.

The Gain desktop app looks and works just like the browser app. But because it’s separate from your browser, all those other open tabs won’t slow it down.

Reason #4: You do you

Your preference for one or the other will also depend on how much work you’ll be doing in a specific platform. Quick tasks might be simple enough to do from a browser. But if you’re a heavy user that spends more than 15 or 30 minutes in a platform, the focus of a desktop app might work wonders for your productivity and even help you get done quicker.

So… which camp are you on? We get that everyone has their own way of working. That’s why we wanted to give you the option! If you’re pro-desktop app, click below to try Gain Desktop! It’s available now for both Windows and MacOS. 🎉

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