Burnt Waffle Marketing is a digital agency that provides strategy, social media, and design services with little ramp-up time. As a Gain Agency Partner, their team is passionate about efficiency and collaboration. We caught up with Sarah Achler, Founder and CEO, to learn how Burnt Waffle leverages Gain to streamline their internal workflows while catering to their clients’ digital marketing needs

What’s unique about your agency?

We are a female-founded, female-forward agency, launched just 2 years ago. We all have different backgrounds and that diversity makes our work stand out. Empathy is at the root of our company’s culture, and that’s key in helping the brands we partner with foster genuine, authentic customer engagements.

How does your team use Gain?

Our team uses Gain to manage all our social media work, and we love it. Being able to leave comments and tag team members within the context of development has been incredibly helpful for us. Gain has also expedited our internal approval process, as well as our client approvals, saving us time and hassle. Partnering with Gain allows us to re-invest that time back into delivering the well-done content our clients deserve.

What changed in your workflow since you started using Gain? 

Every person who works with us has to use Gain – it’s part of their onboarding. With Gain being so quick and easy to learn, it’s been a powerful tool to leverage when getting new team members up and running. And having all their content questions asked and answered in Gain instead of chaotically dispersed amongst Slack and email, makes a big difference.

How does Gain save your team time?

Gain has helped us collaborate more efficiently as a team by keeping all the conversations in one place, and even being able to go back and see the history of what’s happened – for example, if the revisions a client requested have been made. We’re a small company competing with large, established companies and Gain helps us keep costs low by saving us time and facilitating seamless collaboration with our clients. Gain has helped us grow the business faster by equipping us with a platform that creates a ton of efficiencies for our clients.

What do your clients or approvers think of Gain?

Our clients just love it. You know, one of the biggest pain points for prospective social media clients is the approval process. They need someone to design, create and manage their social media presence for them. But when they reach out for help, they worry that we’ll be sending them spreadsheets with a lot of copy to approve. It’s a messy process, it’s time consuming, and if they’re going to spend the money, they want the most efficient service possible.

Showing Gain to prospective clients in our pitches has actually helped us lock down new business. By talking to them upfront about the technology we use and how this translates into savings for them, we’re able to start our relationships on very solid ground. I tell all our new clients: “Let’s do a trial run of 3 months, so you experience the collaboration process with Gain”, and at the end of those 3 months they always renew and tell me that I was right, that Gain is awesome!

What’s your favorite Gain feature?

The approval process stands out amongst all the other platforms, allowing us to create custom approval workflows for all of our clients. I have now used it for a wide variety of clients in many different industries – 3D printing, real estate, water conservation, sustainable fashion – and I have proven that it works for any sized business, any type of industry. It has proven useful to everyone.

This is the first in a series of articles where we talk to Gain Agency Partners about how they use Gain to simplify their workflow. Gain Agency Partners are top-notch agencies that use Gain as a primary tool for approval workflows and collaboration, and are changing the way agencies and clients work together. You can browse the Gain Agency Partner directory here.