Are you staring at your social media content calendar, noticing Easter is just two weeks away but you’ve got no content planned?

Here’s your quick guide to nine eggcellent Easter social media post ideas that are simple to implement and can drive tons of traffic.

Let’s jump right in.

9 Easter Social Media Post Ideas for 2024 Easter Campaigns

Idea #1: Easter Flash Sale

Kicking off your campaign with an Easter Flash Sale is a brilliant way to grab attention and boost sales. It works especially well with product-based businesses.

A limited-time offer can create a sense of urgency among your audience. It can also encourage your audience to make a purchase they’ve been postponing to make or try out new products.

How to Implement: Announce your flash sale across all social media platforms a week in advance, teasing some of the top deals to build anticipation. Use eye-catching graphics with Easter themes—think pastel colors, eggs, and bunnies—to make your posts stand out. On the day of the sale, update your audience regularly about the ticking clock to spur action.

Idea #2: Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

The Easter Egg Hunt is a classic. Many brands organize this challenge every Easter, tapping into the festive spirit and encouraging active participation from their audience.

Take Cadbury, a well-known chocolate brand from the UK, for instance. They executed a real-life egg hunt by distributing special eggs across major supermarkets in the UK. These eggs contained tickets with directions on how to win a £10,000 cash prize. Then, they took to social media to promote this challenge. The campaign was super successful.

Of course, you don’t have to do a real-life egg hunt. You can do it via social media alone.

How to execute: Scatter digital “Easter eggs” across your social media posts, website, or even in your newsletters. These could be hidden images, discount codes, or secret messages. Encourage your followers to find them all for a chance to win prizes. Clearly communicate the rules and the rewards to ensure widespread participation.

Idea #3: Easter Contest

Just like the Easter Egg Hunt challenge, you can run an Easter contest relevant to your business. This could range from an “Easter Home Makeover” competition for home decor brands to a “Design Your Own Easter Egg” contest for arts and crafts stores.

Pro tip: Make sure the contest entry process is simple and the prizes are desirable. Promote the contest regularly across your platforms and consider partnering with influencers to extend its reach.

Idea #4: User-Generated Easter Content

If you feel too much pressure from having to post a lot of content yourself, you can always lean on user-generated content (UGC). Leveraging UGC is a powerful strategy for Easter, allowing your brand to showcase real stories, creativity, and endorsements from your community.

How to implement: Encourage your followers to share their own Easter-related photos, stories, or videos using a specific hashtag. This could be anything from their Easter meal preparations and decorations to creative uses of your products in their Easter celebrations. Make it clear you’ll feature standout submissions on your own channels, providing them with a platform and recognition.

UGC not only enriches your content mix but also builds trust and engagement by highlighting authentic experiences with your brand.

Idea #5: Easter-Themed Product Showcase

Are you a product business? Then Easter-themed product showcase could be another great social media post idea for you!

An Easter-themed product showcase is when brands display their products in a way that incorporates Easter elements, like pastel colors and bunny motifs. It’s a marketing approach to attract customers by showing how these products can enhance their Easter celebrations.

For example, this year IKEA showed off a simple yet beautiful Easter table setup using their products. They arranged their tableware, textiles, and accessories in pastel colors and Easter themes, and then shared these ideas on their social media. This showed customers how they could use IKEA products to make their Easter celebrations special, offering inspiration and practical decorating tips.

Here’s how you can do it: Create engaging content that features your products in Easter settings. This could include arranging products with Easter decorations, using a palette of spring colors, or incorporating Easter symbols like eggs and bunnies in the visuals. Share these images and videos across your social media platforms, emphasizing any special promotions or limited-time offers linked to Easter.

Idea #6: Easter-Themed Polls

Want more engagement? Polls can deliver that!

Getting your audience in on some Easter-themed polls is a fun and engaging way to boost interaction and learn more about what your followers like or think. These polls can be just for fun or even help you fine-tune what you offer.

How to implement: Utilize the poll features on platforms like Instagram Stories or X (formerly Twitter) to ask your audience Easter-related questions. These could range from preferences between chocolate egg flavors to opinions on the best Easter traditions. Ensure the polls are easy to participate in and visually appealing.

Idea #7: Customer Photo Competition

Holidays are prime time for photos, and Easter is no exception. Why not get your audience involved by inviting them to share their Easter or brand-related photos?

If you’ve got a giveaway going, encourage them to tag your brand in their posts for a chance to win. It’s a fun way to engage and connect with your community!

Here’s how to do it: Ask your customers to post pictures of how they’re incorporating your products into their Easter celebrations, tagging their photos with a specific hashtag. Let them know that the standout snaps might get a spot on your social media, website, or even in your next marketing campaign. This could range from family moments to inventive Easter egg designs.

Idea #8: Easter Giveaway

Hosting an Easter giveaway is another excellent way to increase engagement, grow your audience, and give back to your community. Giveaways are relatively low-cost yet highly effective.

How to implement: Announce a giveaway that aligns with the Easter theme, offering your products or services as prizes. Set clear entry requirements such as following your account, liking the giveaway post, tagging friends, or sharing the post on their stories. Make sure the rules are simple and the prize is desirable to encourage maximum participation.

Idea #9: Easter Message from Your Company

Finally, Easter is the perfect time to show the friendly face of your brand! Think about sharing a heartfelt message with your followers. It could be a warm Easter wish or a thank you to everyone who joined in your Easter competition.

How to implement: Craft a message that reflects your brand’s voice and values, thanking your audience for their engagement and participation in your Easter activities. This could be a written post, a video message from your team, or a combination of both. Share this message across all your social media channels to ensure it reaches your entire community.

Conclusion: Don’t Skimp on Easter Marketing This Year

Easter might not have the same buzz as Christmas, but don’t overlook it! A dash of Easter spirit can really liven up your engagement, draw in new followers, and open up opportunities for additional sales.

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