New year, new challenges! The Gain team is working as hard as ever to 1) make Gain the tool that saves you the most time, and 2) bring client approval times to record lows. We can’t wait to tell you what we’re envisioning for 2024 but first, let’s catch up on our key launches in 2023.

🚀 Everything we launched in 2023

  • Pinterest integration – Create pins, send them for approval, and auto-publish them to Pinterest from Gain for both Business and Personal Pinterest accounts.
  • Instagram image tagging – Tag your Instagram photos in Gain when creating your posts so your clients can see the tags in the post previews! No more having to go tagging directly on Instagram after publishing. 🥳
  • Weekly view in Calendar – In addition to the monthly view, we’ve added a nice weekly view that allows you to focus on one week at a time. Great for planning or simply getting a closer glimpse of the content in your pipeline.
  • White label – Wait, what? Yes! Brand Gain with your logo and give your clients a fully customized approval experience. One more way you can shine bright in the eyes of your clients. 🤩
  • Create content without connecting a social channel
  • Auto-publish for TikTok
  • Auto-publish for Facebook Stories
  • Add alt text for Facebook and X (Twitter)
  • Export Insights in a nice PDF format that’s client-friendly
  • Built-in AI Writer for social posts and text docs
  • Sleeker, more intuitive user interface

Actually, this isn’t everything, so if you want to get down to the nitty gritty you can always check out all our latest Product Updates here.

🌞 2024: The Year of the Client

While in 2023 we largely focused on helping agency teams manage more clients, in 2024 the client side of Gain is getting a lot of ❤️. As we write this, we’re working on greatly improving how your clients will interact with Gain.

The Gain team is super hyped right now building a brand-new client experience (which started with the launch of White Label at the end of 2023), where your clients will be able to access pending and past content approvals easily, have a really nice, updated content calendar, connect their own social media channels (less hassle for you!), upload files for your team, and more.

Why are we doing this? 🤔

We’re making it easier for agency clients to work and communicate with you in Gain so you can bring them into your team’s workflow – or shall we say, they can bring themselves! Imagine how much more productive time your team will have when all your clients are managing their content on their own, without reaching out to you and your team. Just, wow.

2024, here we go! We’re starting strong. 💪🏽

Try Gain again!
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