Keeping up with social media can be challenging, especially if you’re managing multiple accounts or multiple accounts for several clients. There are plenty of applications dedicated to making social media management and scheduling easier; however, the reliability of these apps can vary significantly.

When it comes to managing multiple social media accounts, reliability in the tool you choose to get the job done matters. While many social media management platforms offer the ability to schedule your posts, we’ve battled-tested GAIN to make sure it is the most reliable app to schedule your content.

With GAIN, you can be certain that your content will be published at the right time and on the right channel, every time.

Here’s a look behind-the-scenes at how we do it:

A powerful, battle-tested scheduler

reliable social media scheduler

The GAIN post scheduler is built on a constantly tested, reliable system that can handle the publication of thousands of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts at once.

Through our automated pre-check system, every post is pre-checked for compliance with each social network’s specs and post requirements to minimize any chance of error before it is even published.

Fail-safe Facebook publishing

reliable social media scheduler

For Facebook posts, GAIN relies on Facebook’s native scheduling platform. In other words, posts are always sent to be scheduled on Facebook’s side, rather than GAIN’s side. This adds an extra layer of certainty that content will be published at the right time because Facebook’s native platform is handling the task. Even if you need to edit a post that’s already been scheduled on Facebook, you can do so on GAIN and those changes will be reflected on Facebook’s native scheduling platform.

Another reason GAIN relies on Facebook to schedule the posts is to allow your team to create multimedia campaigns or prepare promoted posts on GAIN before the content is published.

Finally, GAIN has another layer in the Facebook scheduling system that monitors all of the content scheduled to the social network to ensure that Facebook is indeed publishing posts at the correct time. So even if Facebook fails to publish a post, we provide a fallback and will automatically retry to publish the post from the GAIN side.

Instant alert system

reliable social media scheduler

Even with all of these scheduling and publishing reliability measures in place, GAIN also has an alert system that will immediately notify you if your content has failed to publish for any reason.

This notification provides a link that will take you directly to the content that failed to publish so you can take action right away (reschedule the post, push the post live, etc.).

As social networks change, we change

reliable social media scheduler

Finally, our team works hard to continually improve our scheduling and publishing system and keep up with all of the social networks’ constant changes in APIs and requirements.

If you ever encounter an issue, such as content failing to publish for any reason, our support team is there to help you immediately. In fact, most of the reliability improvements we implement come directly from on-the-field user reports.

It’s no easy task to keep up with all of social media’s constant changes, and that’s why you shouldn’t trust your content (or clients’ content) with just any app that claims it has automatic scheduling features.

If you’re in charge of managing social media content, GAIN is the only platform with the right technology and systems in place to cover the entire social media publishing process and give you peace of mind.

Start your free trial of GAIN and get better results from your social media efforts today!