Reader, meet Orange Label. They are a Gain Agency Partner and they’re headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. We asked Social Media Supervisor Chelsea Ragland some questions about how they use Gain to save time and score brownie points with their clients. Read on to find out!

What’s unique about your agency?

Orange Label is the leading response marketing agency for established brands that are driven by a fearless entrepreneurial mindset. We provide short-term results and long-term value through powerful strategy, branding, social, media, and design services.

How do you use Gain?

We use Gain to plan and implement marketing content across social platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We also use Gain to implement an efficient approval process for both internal stakeholders and clients.

What changed in your workflow since you started using Gain? 

Prior to using Gain, we executed many of the planning and scheduling tasks manually. Gain has streamlined our workflow process internally and externally with clients. Needless to say, our productivity soared!

How does Gain save you or your team time?

Gain saves our team time because it allows us to collaborate efficiently, duplicate posts, resize images, and schedule our clients’ content, all from one platform. 

What do your clients or approvers think of Gain?

Clients love seeing the post previews – how their social posts will show up in each platform before they are live. This helps our clients visualize their content in context. They also like how easy it is to request changes and approve content with the click of a button!

What’s your favorite Gain feature? 

Our favorite Gain feature has to be the internal and external approval workflows! Everyone from our team who needs to be in the loop is always up-to-speed, plus our clients see a clean, professional view of their upcoming content.

This is the latest in a series of articles where we talk to Gain Agency Partners about how they use Gain to simplify their marketing workflows. Gain Agency Partners are top-notch agencies that use Gain as a primary tool for approval workflows and collaboration, redefining the way agencies and clients work together. You can browse the Gain Agency Partner directory here.