Marketing content that relies heavily on media comes in a variety of file formats, such as Powerpoint, PDF, CSV, MOV, and MP4, just to name a few.

Lucky for you, GAIN’s creative assets channel provides a space for teams and clients to collaborate on all varieties of media formats. The creative assets channel provides a single space for all collaborators to condense and optimize their content workflow, from the first draft to the final approval.

With all of the formats that GAIN’s creative assets channel supports, there is more than one way to use this helpful channel. For example, if your team does a lot of writing, there are surely times when documents get sent to clients without being reviewed by all the necessary internal team members.

Using the creative assets channel on GAIN, you can avoid sending unapproved documents to clients and make sure every piece of content goes through the right approval process beforehand.

The creative assets channel also provides clients with a single place to leave feedback so your team can avoid scattering feedback across various documents and email chains. Finally, GAIN sends clients automatic reminders when they have any content pending their approval.

We’ve studied some of the most popular ways teams are working the creative assets channel into their workflows so your team can utilize the channel to increase your efficiency as well.

Here are a few of the top ways to use the creative assets channel on GAIN.

1. Blog Content

                                                                        PDF Blog Post Preview

Using GAIN, your team can upload blog posts as a Word, Google, or PDF document. By uploading blog posts to GAIN, you can optimize your workflows internally, leaving room for edits, feedback, and revisions all in one place.

Feedback left within GAIN’s notes section is visible to each team member just below the document. The best part is, through GAIN’s approval rounds, the appropriate members are notified when it’s time to review and approve a post.

Additionally, there is no need to send emails informing team members that edits have been made. GAIN notifies the appropriate team members when edits have been added.

GAIN helps bring light to an otherwise messy process of revisions by reducing confusion and consolidating edits, thus, streamlining the blog editing process. Once the appropriate edits have been made and the internal approval rounds completed, only then can the client view the final blog post draft as team members see fit. This means that your team members can have unlimited conversations and revisions regarding the document before the client ever lays eyes on it.

By adding your blog posts to GAIN, you can automate the entire approval process, limiting back and forth emailing and ensuring that each team member is aware when changes are made.

After using the creative assets channel to approve a blog post, you can use the client calendars in GAIN to add calendar labels showing when blog posts are planned to go out. Team members, as well as clients, can view this calendar and labels. This helps keep everyone aware of the campaign plans month-to-month and helps keep deadlines and timelines organized and transparent.

2. Ad Mock-Ups

Social media ads, such as Facebook ads, offer a variety of layout options to choose from. But before these ads are published to Facebook, design variations and all, many teams must share them with their clients.

Therefore, many teams use the creative assets channel on GAIN to share social media ad mock-ups in screenshots (png/jpeg file format) with their team or clients for revisions and approvals.

By using the creative assets channel, your team can consolidate your entire process, presenting ad previews to your clients so they know exactly how the ad will appear once live.

Clients can review/request revisions, and approve ad campaigns all in one place. No need to dig through emails full of changes and unclear approvals when you can consolidate them all in one place with GAIN.

Once the ad content is approved, the GAIN calendar is an awesome organizational tool for both clients and team members to check when the ad campaigns are scheduled to go live each month.

3. Branded Multimedia

Branded company videos, graphics, and website elements can all benefit from the same workflow that social posts do, and just like social posts, your team probably creates many versions of the same content.

65% of the population is made up of visual learners, which means your team members, as well as clients, can benefit greatly from seeing a visual version, rather than a written out explanation, of the media you are creating. However, sharing documents via text or an email attachment is not always the most effective way to collaborate.

Often, not everyone has the necessary applications to open creative media content (such as Adobe software). Therefore, GAIN’s creative assets channel supports a variety of formats (MOV, MP4, CSV, EPS, AI, etc.), providing a common ground for collaboration with zero hassles.

Clients can view, approve, or request revisions on media content with ease by tapping the link in their GAIN notification email. There is no need for them to download media files or hunt for the appropriate application to open the file.

When a client requests revisions, their notes can be found below the media content in the GAIN notes section so team members can view the all of the feedback in one place. GAIN instantly displays the three most recent revisions, hiding any previous notes from view to limit confusion for collaborators.

Of course, if a collaborator wants to view older revisions, they only need to click the drop-down arrow to see a permanent record of all notes. How will your team use the creative assets channel?

GAIN’s creative assets channel is a key place where a variety of content formats can be convened, evaluated, and approved. This channel simplifies the process for teams that invest heavily in multimedia content campaigns, which nowadays, are crucial for engaging online audiences.

With GAIN, teams can take greater strides in upgrading the content they produce because it facilitates a streamlined workflow by simplifying an otherwise complicated collaboration process.

Do you have another way that your team likes to use the creative assets channel? Share it with us in the comments!