If posting on LinkedIn is part of your social media strategy, you should be staying on top of the platform’s key trends. Knowing what’s hot and what’s just meh, means you can come up with content that generates engagement and helps you reach wider audiences.

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn trends to watch out for this year and some tactics on how you can use these trends to your advantage. Let’s go!

Top 10 LinkedIn Trends for Brands in 2024

1. Personal Branding

Do us a favor: open your LinkedIn feed and scroll through 10-20 posts. What do you observe more? Posts written by company accounts or individuals? That’s correct—individuals.

Source: Lara Acosta

Personal branding on LinkedIn began gaining popularity last year. This surge coincided with LinkedIn introducing the LinkedIn Top Voice feature to reward prominent content creators on the platform.

As you rightly guessed, in 2024, this trend is expected to strengthen even further. Individuals at all levels are utilizing personal stories, expertise, and insights to build their brand or even to help amplify their companies’ reach and credibility.

2. Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story with twists and turns, including LinkedIn’s “professional” audience.

The storytelling trend encourages brands to dive deep, sharing their journeys, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the successes they’ve celebrated, in a way that resonates with their professional audience.

Stories can bring your brand to life and, as a bonus, help create a bond with your audience.

How can you incorporate storytelling into your LinkedIn content strategy this year?

Create a series of posts that tell the story of your brand’s biggest challenges or successes. Use video content to share client testimonials or to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into your company culture, making your brand’s narrative both engaging and relatable.

3. Founder Content

Just like the personal branding trend, founder content is also gaining traction. This trend sees founders and CEOs sharing personal insights, industry perspectives, and company news, adding a human touch to the corporate image and building trust with the audience.

Source: Jake Ward

If you’re a founder or somebody in an executive position, in 2024 you should try to show up more on LinkedIn. Don’t miss an opportunity to humanize your brand.

4. Interactive Content

Brands that do well on LinkedIn talk to their audience. They don’t just post content for the sake of it. They try to include their audience in conversations.

Source: Kris Hughes

With this in mind, in 2024 you should not only be posting but also actively encouraging engagement. Utilize LinkedIn polls to transform your audience from passive content consumers to active participants. Polls can also help you gauge your audience’s interest in new features or products and understand common challenges they face.

5. Social Selling

Social selling is becoming a big deal on LinkedIn. Instead of companies hard selling to their target customers, they’re now creating and sharing valuable content, engaging in conversations, and establishing themselves as trusted experts in their field.

Through this approach, companies can attract and nurture leads in a more personal and effective way.

But as you can see, the common denominator here is still content. First, you need to educate your audience, then show with your content how you can solve your target customers’ pain points, and then clients will come to you without you needing to make a hard sale.

6. Employee Advocacy

If you’re not leaning hard into employee advocacy on LinkedIn this year, you’re missing out. People are quite tired of corporate posts. They find it hard to engage with brands that don’t show their faces.

However, those brands that recognize the power of their employees’ networks and are encouraging them to share content and insights are winning. Content shared by employees receives higher engagement and helps you appear more relatable and real.

Source: Jana Garanko

Now, when it comes to letting your employees loose on the platform, it’s a good idea to have a basic plan for what they should post about. You don’t need to oversee every single post. But, you should agree on the type of content that would be valuable to your audience.

7. LinkedIn Audio Events

Introduced in 2022, LinkedIn Audio Events is a feature that allows users to host audio-only conversations among themselves. While not very popular last year, in 2024, more brands are finding value in using them to connect with their audiences on a more personal level.

The main advantage of LinkedIn Audio Events is their simplicity to organize. There’s no need for a presentation or slides to be prepared or to appear on camera.

So, what kind of audio events should you consider hosting in 2024? The possibilities are endless! From industry roundtables and AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions to Q&A with experts in your field—whatever suits your and your audience’s interests.

8. Authenticity

The time for perfect-looking content is over. Now, being real matters the most. Everyone wants true stories, honest talks, and real facts. Sure, we all like to share positive things, but being open and genuine is what really helps us connect with others.

So, in 2024, you should be showing up as an authentic, raw, and honest brand. That will help you to receive attention and connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

9. Educational Content

As the professional audience is hungry for knowledge, educational content has become a cornerstone of LinkedIn. Webinars, how-to guides, industry analyses, and thought leadership articles are highly sought after.

The easiest way to share educational content is through carousels which, by the way, according to studies, tend to receive the most impressions and engagement.

Credit: Davor Bomeštar

Therefore, in 2024, aim to provide bite-sized value in an engaging format to your audience. This strategy will position you as an expert and warm your audience towards you.

10. LinkedIn Newsletters

We all know regular newsletters that land in our inboxes… But let’s talk about a different approach: LinkedIn Newsletters. They’re becoming quite the trend as well in 2024. Especially if your business operates in the B2B sector, chances are your audience is already active on LinkedIn, which simplifies the process of creating and distributing these newsletters.

Source: Thena

Consider kicking off a newsletter on LinkedIn that brings together the freshest industry news, insights from your company, and actionable tips. Utilizing LinkedIn Newsletters is a fantastic way to consistently keep your audience informed and maintain their engagement with your brand.

How to Schedule LinkedIn Posts

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FAQs About LinkedIn Trends

How do you find trending topics on LinkedIn?

To find trending topics on LinkedIn, follow industry leaders and influencers, use LinkedIn’s search function with relevant keywords, and participate in relevant groups where members share and discuss current trends.

What makes brands stand out on LinkedIn?

Brands stand out on LinkedIn by showcasing thought leadership, engaging with their audience through insightful content, leveraging LinkedIn’s unique features like articles and LinkedIn Audio Events, and consistently sharing updates that highlight their company culture, successes, and industry insights.

How do you find trending hashtags on LinkedIn?

To find trending hashtags on LinkedIn, observe hashtags used by industry influencers, check the ‘Discover more’ section under your interests, and use the search bar to explore hashtags related to your field. LinkedIn also suggests hashtags when you create content, indicating their current popularity and relevance.

Conclusion: Use LinkedIn Trends to Update Your Strategy

Trends on LinkedIn are always changing, but some things just keep working no matter what. And those things? They’re pretty straightforward: share content that’s genuinely useful and high-quality, be real and let people see the faces behind your brand, not just the official company account.

Once you’ve got your LinkedIn strategy and content ideas all set, schedule them easily with Gain. Try Gain free today (no credit card required).

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