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Social media marketing has changed the dynamics of traditional marketing methods: impersonal brand advertisements don’t simply work anymore. Instead, people prefer watching original content created by digital content creators.

A digital content creator is a person who can create engaging content for the viewer, which is the digital audience. They educate the audience, promote businesses through digital content, and often make a living based on it.

Digital content is available in numerous forms, from blogs, marketing copies, and online posts to podcasts. Businesses across the globe use digital content and hire digital creators to help grow their businesses on the internet. Digital creators work in various niches today across all industries. Here are some trendy niches that exist in the world of digital content:

1. Beauty Digital Creators

The beauty industry has over 336 million online posts today, and the niche is headed towards growth, especially on female-centric platforms like Instagram. Alongside, the cosmetic industry globally is estimated to grow by over $863 billion by 2024.

The demand for marketing beauty products is only going to increase, and digital creators can help these businesses grow exponentially by becoming a bridge between the company and potential consumers. Consumers prefer watching creators review products over brand advertisements as the results are instantly visible. Beauty influencers often endorse products by sharing them in tutorials and social media posts.

2. Fitness Digital Creators

This is a highly lucrative niche in the world of digital content and is only expected to have an ever-growing demand as health can never face a demand deficit.

The lifespan of people is increasing with modern technology and medicine; people want to stay fit and in their best shape. In 2017, the wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion, which shows a 13% growth rate from $3.7 trillion in 2015. Businesses in the fitness industry will require digital creators who work in this niche to promote their products online and help them engage with the masses.

3. Travel Digital Creators

The travel industry is multiplying due to more information shared on social media. Increasing remote work among millennials only facilitates this growth. In 2017, the travel industry was estimated at $5.29 trillion.

Businesses, including airlines, transport, hotels, restaurants, and other ventures in the tourism sector, regularly need travel influencers to promote their services. Digital creators working in the travel niche can educate their audience about the latest deals, new travel destinations, and tour guides who are reliable and affordable. With over 40% of millennials considering ‘Instagrammability’ as a top concern while considering their next vacation spot, the demand for digital creators working in this niche will only increase.

4. Fashion Digital Creators

The fashion industry is another evergreen industry that is growing yearly. With the e-commerce industry of apparel and fashion projected to reach $713 billion by 2022, the demand for fashion influencers will stay high as they help businesses gain revenue and expand their operations. Like the beauty industry, fashion influencers and creators can provide instant feedback, and their viewers can always gauge their authenticity by trying a few of their recommendations. Once the creator’s reliability is established, their words can impact a business’s brand image, awareness, and credibility immensely. They can also influence fashion trends across the industry depending on their popularity and can help businesses predict changing trends.

5. Pets Digital Creators

Did you know that only the United States alone has 70% of households that have a pet? Around 90.5 million households are raising pets throughout the country, and the industry is only expected to grow with millennials being more inclined toward having animal companions. It is no doubt that with such a massive market to target, niches related to pets are becoming a significant part of the content-creating world.

To enter this content creation space, a digital creator must have experience with pets and extensive knowledge about them. They can monetize their content once they have an established audience and offer grooming products, animal clothing, and even investments like pet insurance. Content about pet care, food, toys, treatment, etc., gains more traction as time goes by.

Companies that work in the pet industry can immensely benefit from collaborating with a digital creator who can promote their products to their established audience. This can help businesses improve their brand awareness and help digital creators monetize their work and create more content for their viewers.

6. Food Digital Creators

Food is one industry that will never be low on demand. With improving lifestyles, people tend to change their food choices to more expensive ones, and the demand only keeps increasing. With more restaurants opening up each year, and online delivery, the market for digital creators in this space is immense. The hashtag #food on Instagram alone has more than 250 million monthly posts.

Food bloggers and vloggers influence their audience’s food choices by rating various eateries in their localities. Digital creators can review each restaurant’s offerings and even promote them or their unique dishes. Their expertise in creating visual or written content can help a business in the food industry grow by expanding its client base and improving its brand awareness. Digital creators in this niche can monetize their content through affiliate products, advertisements, or even promoting their food brand.


Digital creators create visually appealing content that acts as a medium of marketing for numerous industries across the globe. With the increased use of social media, such content creators have numerous platforms to share their content and build their audience. Beauty, fashion, wellness, food, pets, and travel are only a few of the most popular niches in this regard.

These creators can help businesses across many industries gain traffic, helping them generate more leads. As a result, their demand is only expected to grow in the coming years. The word of a digital creator has more credibility than any other mass media advertisement, as it can work similar to word-of-mouth marketing and build the brand image of a business. With the ever-increasing need to involve such external personnel in the marketing processes, businesses also need to adjust their management strategies and leverage tools that make it easy to share information and collaborate.