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As everything moves increasingly online, organizations are continuously adapting to utilize tech tools and software that make workflow operations more efficient and seamless. In such competitive times, you need to leverage tech-enabled tools to advertise your products, bring your marketing teams together, and streamline the processes involved. This is where Gain comes in. 

With Gain, you can review or put out all the content for your audience by organizing it in one place. This includes your branding assets, pictures, videos, word documents, and TV ads. Let’s take a look at some workflow process examples you can build with your team with the help of this application and improve your marketing strategy.

1. PR Teams Workflow

Marketing departments often collaborate with the public relations team. A public relations team is responsible for reviewing and approving various forms of media content. This includes bylines, interviews, speeches, pitches, and press kit materials that constitute branding files, company portfolios, and logos. 

This workflow process comes with the burden of sorting through numerous file types that can be reduced if you use Gain, enabling you to upload and dispatch most material for approval and evaluation. In the PR department, content is circulated and changed multiple times before it is finalized to be presented to clients. With Gain, you can create customized approval processes and skip these tedious interactions.

2. SEO Teams Workflow

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique used by businesses that brings their ranking to the top of both paid and organic search engines. It’s best to have both SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) teams as a part of your workflow process because one can’t operate effectively without the other. 

It’s recommended to have them collaborate on graphics and visuals you want on your blog, paid search announcements, and website material. Rather than having your feedback, research, and revisions scattered across various mediums and email chains, you can use Gain to have them all in one place. You won’t have to worry about losing track of documents and approvals for specific ad campaigns. 

3. Compliance or Legal Teams Workflow

Different industries have different requirements for marketing content. If specific material needs to be passed through the compliance or legal team, additional time may be necessary for review. With Gain, you can ensure that the information in your social media posts and other marketing materials meets company regulations and is error-free by sharing it with the compliance or legal team timely and involving them in your approval routes. 

Suppose your team is working on a new video campaign for which you hire a scriptwriter. The individual can collaborate with the video production team and share video content within Gain. Your videos will also need to be checked for specifications such as copyright and the images or logos used before they’re sent to the client. Gain makes things easier for the legal team by letting them avoid unnecessarily lengthy briefs in the internal approval process, saving time, and allowing the legal department to focus on more critical problems. 

4. Sales and Marketing Teams Workflow

When you bring your sales and marketing teams to work together, you can generate greater company growth and revenue. Aligning the two departments to create and deploy buyer-oriented promotional content leads to higher average conversion rates and improved lead acceptance rates. 

Integrating Gain into your workflow process can create an automated approval workflow consisting of senior sales and marketing team members. They can sort through the material and approve content together, including brochures, case studies, email templates, and white papers. 

5. Freelance Content Creators’ Workflow

Freelancers dabble in article writing, video creation, and graphic design, which can help reduce your company’s workload. If your agency or advertising sector works with freelance content creators, it will help to offer them a place in the approval process and content collaboration on Gain. You’ll need to provide them with consistent feedback and editing, which makes the correspondence through email taxing and complicated.  

You can add your freelance team as ‘contributors’ to Gain, enabling them to draft, produce, edit and send you material easily for approval. Setting up a custom approval workflow for blog posts helps create a structured chain of people that review the content before sending it to the client for final approval. 

Benefits of Workflow Management

Now that we’ve explained how you can navigate through workflow processes using Gain, let’s break down some benefits of approval workflow management. 

1. Error Reduction 

We are bound to make at least one error even if everything has been executed perfectly. However, you can always counter mistakes by identifying and correcting them, which is much more straightforward to achieve with an approval workflow management system in place. 

When a mistake is made, having several reviewers and rounds set up in your approval workflows will make it easier to catch and correct mistakes before the work is sent to clients or published. 

2. Redundancy Elimination

Repetitive tasks lose organizations worldwide billions of dollars every year as they demand resources that could have been spent more productively. As you reduce redundancy, you gain time to focus on other aspects of your business to improve efficiency. This will also enable you to reduce your labor overheads and mitigate your employees’ burdens.

Approval workflow management using Gain enables you to utilize pre-planned business rules and regulations. You can set up approval workflows with specific people as reviewers in distinct rounds. Once the approval workflow is started, reviewers will get automatic notifications and reminders when it’s their turn to provide feedback and approve marketing documents or materials. The content creators will get automatic notifications and reminders when the reviewers have requested changes or approved them. For example, if a newsletter needs legal approval before being sent out, you can design an approval workflow that reaches out to the appropriate people. 

Stronger Connectivity 

With Gain’s approval workflows, you can connect individuals and their conversations with specific pieces of content. When your reviewers’ change requests and comments are displayed and logged with the content they refer to, no one will ever struggle to find information, and every team member will be automatically kept in the loop.


Gone are the days of setting up multiple meetings and wasting precious hours trying to decide how different departments can work together to promote your brand’s vision. Applications like Gain are the future for marketing departments and faster workflow processes. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to purchase this software and transform lost time into business growth.

Additionally, approval workflow management is an essential part of operational tasks through which productivity is improved, connections are strengthened, and errors can be reduced or eliminated. You’ll see the difference the right approval workflow system creates in no time, helping you bring in more revenue and clients. Try Gain free and supercharge your team’s productivity!

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