As a marketer, you most likely participate in some company blogging.

Whether you write weekly or sporadically, there is useful content under your name published on your agency’s site.

Often, marketers leave the content just on their blog and push out the posts via social channels and newsletters.

While those are crucial methods for getting content seen by your target audience, there are a few other places to publish your post.

Here’s a look at what other websites are great for re-publishing useful content.

1. LinkedIn

Right when you sign onto LinkedIn, the platform asks you to post an update or write an article.

LinkedIn publishing is an excellent way to get more eyes on your content. After you post, you can add images and categorize the post with industry hashtags.

According to LinkedIn, the average post now reaches professionals in 21 industries and nine countries.

Popular, well-written articles can also get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse or gain virality in the various LinkedIn channels. The articles also show up on your LinkedIn page, which helps showcase you as an industry leader.

2. Medium

Medium makes it easy to republish blog content. After clicking stories, you can opt to write something new or import a story from your blog.

Medium offers a range of “Publications,” which aggregate stories based on topics. Most Medium users subscribe to many publications, and those stories show up in their feed.

These are the top 100 Medium publications you can submit your content to, all of which have different rules for contributed content.

Writers have to request to contribute content, but once accepted, posts gain many more views.

Medium also offers the opportunity to get paid for stories in their Medium Partner Program, though it is up to the individual writer whether or not they want to use this service because content is hidden and only available to those that pay to read it.

3. Reddit

Marketing on Reddit can be a challenge due to its users’ brutal honesty. However, well-written, non-promotional pieces do well on this site.

If you are worried about posting in a subreddit, you can also simply post your blog content on your own profile (ideally after building up a following).

There are subreddits, however, that seek out useful content. So as long as there is absolutely no promotion, it’s another way to get more eyes on your writing.

4. Quora

Quora users are a bit more friendly than Reddit’s, which makes this another great place to re-publish blogs. Quora now organizes posts in “Spaces,” which “are collections and communities created around shared interests and tastes.”

After signing up (which can be done through Facebook), users can create their own blog on the site.


You can then write about any topic and tag it with categories so people following related topics will see it. Viral Quora articles have been picked up in big technology publications, so it can really pay off to invest time into this site.

5. Other Blogs

Many marketing and technology blogs offer syndication opportunities, which means they’ll run your blog content with a link back to the original source.

Keep in mind, this option takes much more time and effort because you’ll have to research which publications allow this and contact editors directly.

Staying SEO-Friendly

These five options above are all SEO-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about Google docking you for duplicate content. Each time you re-publish your blog, make sure to include a link to the original.

Of course, syndicating content will have its own rules, but posting on LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, and Quora are pretty straightforward and easy to manage.

Since you took the time to write a researched, interesting article, it’s important to get more eyes on it, and these five places can do just that.

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