Branding is the key to a successful recruiting strategy. Prominence delivers premier marketing services for recruitment agencies in the Asia Pacific region. By focusing on candidates, clients, and consultants, the agency helps companies fulfill their goals of increasing the volume of quality jobs they have to offer as well as improve their job fill rates.

Prominence is using Gain to revamp their client review and approval process, specifically with one-click content approvals. We recently spoke with Chris South, Managing Director of Prominence, to learn more about how Gain has helped their team and clients so far.

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in your current role?

I am the Managing Director of Prominence. I never intended to work in marketing but after seeing a massive gap in the market which we service, I decided someone had to take action. Prominence has now been around for four years, with clients in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.

2. What does your team look like, and how do you all work together?

There are 15 of us with a good mix of permanent team members and contractors. The very nature of our industry means we’re not all in the same room at the same time, so we rely a lot of technology to enable us to work well together.

3. What’s an example of a marketing mistake you see frequently?

In our target market (recruitment), the single biggest mistake we experience is organizations hiring a junior resource as the sole marketer and expecting them to deliver work that requires skills from the complete marketing spectrum. This inevitably ends in failure and casts a negative perception on the power of marketing.

4. What is the biggest problem GAIN solves for you?

We knew we have an achilles heel for several years. Every time we grew, finding content, having the client review and approval, and then scheduling the content was constantly causing us new problems. We’d used some of the mainstream scheduling tools with no success and finally took it upon ourselves to carry out a full process and tool audit.

As we were doing this, we spoke with every provider possible, even those that we’d never previously heard of. Gain impressed us and almost as soon as we began our trial, we could see it was like no other tool. The two game changers for us were: one click client approvals and the way Gain revolves around the content calendar view.

5. Do you think Gain has helped improve your client relationships? If so, how?

It’s too early to say, however the initial feedback has been extremely positive. Internally, our team is in a far better place.

Thanks so much to Chris for talking with us. We’ll be sharing more tips and insights from the top agencies using Gain to automate their social media approvals so stay tuned!

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