This is the story of how Gain grew from a social media management tool to a world-class, automated marketing approvals solution.

Gain first saw the light of day back in 2014 as a tool to manage and publish social media content. But from our co-founders’ backgrounds working with advertising agencies, we knew early on that the biggest pain of all was not so much in scheduling and publishing the content (any tool can do that). It was actually the approval process.

Sending stuff for approval, waiting for feedback, implementing changes and re-sending for approval required an extra 8 hours every day just to manage all the communications and content versions! This is why our team focused on finding the best way to automate the feedback and approval process, without hampering the hand-holding and personal touch that clients love from their agencies.

The Perfect Approval Workflow

We looked at other products, and no one was offering a good solution for this. The few products that tried, offered very complex and rigid approval processes. So we devoted all of our time and energy towards creating the perfect approval workflow.

The perfect approval workflow is:

  • Flexible – You can add as many rounds and as many people as you want.
  • Personalized – It makes the client feel like they’re getting content and messages from you, not from a robot.
  • Accessible – It makes giving feedback and approving easy for clients, no matter what type of device they’re using.
  • Timely – It lets the right people know at the right time when the ball is on their court and follows up on them if they take too long.
  • Accountable – Every action from every user is logged and available for every piece of content.

Beyond Social Media

We tested the perfect approval workflow with Gain customers in more than 59 countries and everyone LOVED it. Now, with our hypothesis tried and tested, we set out to bring the approval workflow to ALL types of content, not just social media.

This is how we made it possible for marketers to manage all their creative assets without having to spend hours on menial tasks and waiting for feedback and approvals. Our customers use Gain to send emails, digital ads, scripts, press releases, photos, videos, print ads, packaging design, branding assets, storyboards, and much more to their approvers for quick and easy feedback and approval.

So What Now?

Now, we continue to improve the experience for content creators and approvers. We’re constantly adding new features and supporting new types of content to help you get more done in less time. But ultimately, our mission is to simplify workflows for everyone, so we’re also working on bringing the Gain approval experience to more and more industries. Stay tuned.

Gain is an easy-to-use tool that automates the gathering of feedback and approvals from clients or stakeholders, specifically designed for marketing assets. Start a free trial and save precious time with an automated approval workflow for all your marketing content!