Today we have 3 awesome announcement that we know you’ll like. Let’s jump right in!

1. Introducing Creative Assets Approvals (that’s right, GAIN is not just for social anymore)


Our biggest feature yet. Today we’re giving your team the ability to use GAIN’s advanced approval process for ANY type of creative asset, not just social media posts.

The new Creative Assets feature allows anyone on your team to upload and receive approvals on almost any type of file: PDF, images, Photoshop, Illustrator, Office files, videos, and more. This means that you can now easily approve everything from print ads to press releases, blog posts, email blasts, TV commercials, and more.

Your team no longer has to convert files from one format to another to send to the client for review (or have to wrangle with email to do it). With GAIN you can just upload the file and we’ll create a preview that’s accessible to your clients and approvers on their desktop and mobile devices. These previews are zoomable, high-fidelity, and multi-page. And if your client wants to download the original file they can do that too.

Best of all, this feature is included in all GAIN subscriptions, so your team and clients can start using it right away at no extra cost!

2. Walking the talk. Helping Non-Profits


No other type of organization can benefit more by using GAIN than non-profits. With very limited resources, any tool that can help simplify their collaboration process will go a long way. We want to empower nonprofits to do more of the great work they do by removing the collaboration and approvals barriers that are inherent in the process of communicating their message through the different marketing channels.

Today we’re officially starting a formal discount structure for qualified nonprofits. If you’re a qualified 501c3 nonprofit in the US that can benefit from using GAIN, simply email us at with your details to receive a 50% discount for all users for the lifetime of the account!

3. A new look for GAIN

If you’re currently a GAIN customer or if you’ve been following us for a while, you might have noticed that we now have a new look.

We launched GAIN as a beta product back in 2013. At that time, like many other companies at the beginning, we weren’t really placing a lot of attention to what our logo or branding was. We were completely focused on creating a great product and, more importantly, creating a sustainable business. It quickly became apparent that our logo needed some work to bring it to the standards of our product. And so, here it is.


It’s a look we hope conveys what we’re all about: helping you get stuff done faster and simpler, so you can concentrate on bringing value to your clients.

We hope you like it.

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