You likely work with all types of difficult marketing clients and need to adapt your work approach for each one.

To be successful, you also need marketing tools that are flexible and customizable for each client relationship.

Gain is built to work for any client (no matter how difficult they may be!) and helps make your job managing and creating content for them easier. 

How is that possible?

Gain allows you to build custom, multi-level Approval Workflows to match the needs of each client. As content is reviewed and approved, Gain automatically notifies the appropriate person (or people) that needs to review the content next.

To facilitate getting feedback, you can grant your clients access to Gain without worrying about logins, training, or any special software. They can simply view and approve content or leave comments as needed. 

Gain makes the content approval process super simple for any client relationship, even though every client is different, and they have different needs and priorities. Some clients, however, can be more difficult to manage than others. 

Below are a few types of difficult marketing clients you might deal with and how Gain can help you meet their demands while keeping campaigns on track. 

The nightmare client 🤔

difficult marketing clients

Every agency has an incredibly demanding client. They are the type that always changes their mind. They also request endless revisions that are far outside your original scope of work.

It can feel impossible to complete a task because just when you think you’ve checked the final box, they come back with a new idea that requires you to rework everything.

How Gain helps: 

✔️Record of all conversations in one place
✔️Automatic notifications
✔️Pixel-perfect content previews

Although you can’t change your nightmare client’s demands, Gain can help make collaborating with them smoother.

Clients can leave comments on each piece of content they review. You’ll maintain a history of conversations for both your team and client to reference so that there is no confusion about what was originally requested. When your client requests changes or leaves feedback, your team is automatically notified, eliminating hectic email chains as well.

Pixel-perfect content previews also help avoid misunderstandings that could lead to additional requests. And your client can view a content calendar so they can see everything that’s going on at a glance. This includes the status of each post or piece of content, deadlines, and much more.

The ghost client 😴

difficult marketing clients

The ghost client can be one of the most difficult to work with because you can’t work with someone who never responds to you.

The ghost client makes your job harder because they never respond when you need them to. This causes delays in projects and makes it difficult to delegate tasks to your team in a timely manner. When you do finally send them content to review, they may still not respond, and you have to send multiple reminders.

This client’s inability to give timely feedback can cause your team to risk missing deadlines as well. You may start sending content in bulk or far in advance for approval to try and compensate. 

How Gain helps: 

✔️Automatic reminders
✔️Content approvals from any device
✔️Schedule content in advance and in bulk

Gain sends automatic reminders when content is ready for approval, taking the responsibility of sending email or message reminders off your team’s plate. Additionally, clients can approve content from any device, making it easier to review your work on-the-go, or whenever they have a spare minute.

Gain also allows your team to schedule weeks or months worth of content in advance. This way you can send content to your client with plenty of time to allow for delayed responses and still make your deadlines. 

The not-so-tech-savvy client 😧

difficult marketing clients

Although this client means well, their inability to learn new things or perform regular tech tasks can really slow things down. This type of client doesn’t like using email. Instead, they prefer to call and discuss every detail, which can interrupt your focus unnecessarily. 

This is also the type of client that can’t figure out how to open any files you send them. They also need to be walked through how to view and respond to content every time you send it.

As a result, your team wastes a lot of time instructing them, and you need to handle every aspect of content publishing and revisions. 

How Gain helps: 

✔️No client account set up necessary
✔️Pixel-perfect content previews
✔️Super simple to leave feedback and comments in one place

Gain is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for anyone, no matter their tech abilities. Your clients do not need to set up an account or password, and they can auto-login to review content from any device. 

Gain also shows clients precisely what content will look like when it’s published. This allows them to preview any file without any special software or plugins.

Simplifying the content review process with Gain eliminates confusion. It allows clients to give feedback based on the final product. Say goodbye to confusion and misunderstandings!

Gain also automates publishing to social networks. Your less-than-tech-savvy clients can have peace of mind that they won’t have to handle this step themselves. 

The overly-cautious client 🧐

difficult marketing clients

The overly-cautious client wants their legal and compliance teams to approve every piece of content to make sure that everything is in order.

This type of client also insists on an extensive review process. It may involve a dozen different people reviewing content before it’s published.

Coordinating with so many reviewers and keeping to timelines can seem impossible with this client. And when too many people are involved, it can slow down your campaigns dramatically.

How Gain helps:

✔️Flexible Approval Workflows
✔️Control the level of access per user and client
✔️A permanent record of all content edits and conversations

With Gain, you can create custom Approval Workflows for each client. For your overly-cautious clients, you can add anyone (and everyone) that needs to review content and establish the order of review to keep things moving automatically. 

You can also control internal team members’ access to overly-cautious client accounts so that only the designated people can create and make changes to content. This also helps your team avoid repetitive efforts or mistakes. 

Finally, Gain provides a permanent record of all conversations and changes to each piece of content, regardless of how many people are involved.

Say goodbye to difficult marketing clients and hello to better client-agency relationships 🙌

No matter if your client is communicative or impossible to contact, demanding or anxious, we have a solution. Gain’s smart content automation features, flexible Approval Workflows, and intuitive interface help eliminate the time you typically spend managing difficult marketing clients and give you more time to be creative and grow your business.

Gain is an easy-to-use tool that automates the gathering of feedback and approvals from clients or stakeholders, specifically designed for marketing assets. Start a free trial and save precious time with an automated approval workflow for all your marketing content!