Whether you’re introducing GAIN to one or 100 members of your team, onboarding multiple people to any new tool is no easy task. That’s why we’re unveiling new features that will make adding both team members and clients to collaborate on any brand’s content a breeze!

The highlights of this update

  • Create a brand and invite your team, clients, and any other content approvers all at once.
  • Start connecting your social media or file channels to your brand(s) right away.
  • Send customized invitations to any new user(s).
  • Show your content approvers or clients a quick video about how GAIN works.
  • Explore the new GAIN menu names.

Inviting new people to collaborate

Whether you’re adding a new brand to your GAIN account or using GAIN for the first time, simply click Add Brand and you’ll be greeted with a prompt to add your brand’s name and upload your brand logo.

Inviting everyone that is involved with this brand is the first step for a successful collaboration. First, add any team members that will be creating, reviewing, sending, or publishing content for this brand. You can even send a customized invitation to these team members containing any details that they may need to know.

Below the invitation section for team members, you’ll also be able to invite any of this brand’s content approvers, such as clients, to join your team on GAIN.

If you’d like to send your approvers (or clients) an invitation, we’ve added this option to help them get familiar with GAIN. When you select “Send invite email to approvers,” they will be redirected to a quick video that shows them exactly how the approval process works on GAIN.

However, sending an invite is not necessary! Any time you create content and send it to your approvers for the first time, they will receive an email notification with a smart link that allows them to instantly access any content that is ready for their approval and leave feedback.

Connecting channels to your brand

Now when you add a new brand to GAIN, you can also connect any social media or file channels right away in the setup process.

GAIN allows you to connect as many Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or File channels to your brand as you’d like!

✨ NEW: We’ve also renamed the “Creative Assets” channel to “Files” channel. This makes it easier for your team to remember that you can collaborate on all sorts of content using this channel on GAIN!

In addition to updating the Files channel, we’ve also renamed “Brand settings” to “Team & Workflow” to help you remember where you can find all of the settings related to your team and the workflow process.

Congratulations, you’ve added your brand to GAIN!

Now, any time you add a new brand to GAIN, you’ll be able to onboard your team and clients in a snap and get back to the more important things much faster. For more detailed instructions on how to set up a new brand on GAIN, visit this helpful article or chat us within the app; we’re always happy to help! 👍