GAIN’s biggest productivity boost for marketing teams comes from the automation of the approval and scheduling process. Design a workflow as simple or as complex as you need, then send your content to it. GAIN works like an online project manager, notifying the right people at the right time, gathering feedback from clients and stakeholders, moving the process along for you until everything has been approved, and finally, scheduling and publishing the content on social networks.

To make this process even better, today we’re introducing the ability to create multiple approval workflows⏤as many as you need⏤for your content. Need to send posts to different approvers depending on the content? Now it’s easy. You’re no longer limited to one workflow per channel.

Here are some example situations where this is useful:

  • You create content for different products within a brand. Each product is approved by different people within the client organization. Simply create approval workflows for each product, then apply them to the content accordingly.
  • The brand is running a contest or special promotion. Posts related to this promotion also need to be checked by the client’s legal department. Simply create a new workflow that also includes these people and apply it to the content.
  • Some content will be boosted (promoted) once published. This content needs to be verified by the agency’s media team. Create a workflow that includes this team, and apply it to the boosted content.

Approval templates are now managed at the client level, so you can define them and then apply them to content on any of the client’s channels.

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