Thanks to new automation tools like GAIN, the way marketing teams communicate is becoming increasingly efficient. Especially in the world of social media, teams need to continuously find new ways to automate their tasks in order to keep up with the latest trends in communication, and we’ve designed the perfect solution.

GAIN helps simplify internal and external communications, making it easier for teams and their clients to streamline everyday correspondence surrounding marketing materials.

Our automated solution helps teams stay on top of gathering content approvals more efficiently and encourages collaboration among all team members.

As a result, marketing teams can maintain healthier client-agency relationships and put an end to social media and digital marketing mishaps.

Here are the tops ways that GAIN is helping marketing agencies upgrade their workflows.

1. Healthier Client-Agency Relationships

gain app social media workflow


When your clients are happy, your agency is happy. Some clients prefer to be more involved with marketing decisions than others. GAIN allows marketers to designate a chain of command, allowing certain team members and clients approval power.

This organized workflow keeps clients on a need-to-know basis, notifying them only when content is ready for their approval.

Approval rounds

GAIN’s designated tiers of communication (called “approval templates”) serve both the client and the agency.

Clients only have access to final content, once your team has approved and passed it along. The client will not have access to rough drafts, and your team can be sure that projects have gone through the appropriate chain of command and received internal approval before reaching your clients.

With GAIN, clients have the ability to request content changes and send edits within the app, rather than notifying your team via email. When communication is automated, your workflow can be much more streamlined.

2. Automates Team Collaboration

content approval workflow


Whether you have a team of 10 or 100, GAIN is equipped to handle workflows of all sizes. In fact, GAIN is even equipped to handle teams within teams. For example, if you have a team of interns or outside contractors that collaborate with your full-time staff on content, they too can work with your team on GAIN.

GAIN allows you to designate specific user roles, giving certain permissions to each team member. For example, your workflow can be set up so each member must OK the content before it is sent to the client.

These approval workflows can be different for every social channel you connect to GAIN. If for some reason you have content that only needs to pass through two team members before going directly to the client, it’s possible to set up your workflow this way too.

With the ability to set each team member’s permissions, you can customize your workflow in GAIN to fit your team’s exact needs. If you have an intern creating content, your client will not see the content until it has your approval. With this system in place, your content (and job) is safe and sound.


When it comes to approving content, GAIN holds content approvers accountable by sending automated reminder emails, helping your team stay on schedule, and ultimately, cutting down on busy email chains.

3. Helps Avoid Social Media Crises

avoid social media crisis


With GAIN’s customizable approval rounds, it’s virtually impossible for unapproved content to go live. The approval rounds you create decrease the chance of human error by enforcing the appropriate reviews of content before the content is ever published.

GAIN’s post preview feature displays every post as it will appear live, which exposes any errors. For example, you’ll be able to spot any image-related issues before they are published. Furthermore, GAIN’s post preview feature will show you if the character limit on Twitter has been surpassed, or if your post copy will be cut off on mobile devices.

The GAIN content calendar is another favorite feature and displays all of your monthly content at a glance. The ability to see an overview of all your content makes it easy to visualize any gaps in your content schedule and the status of each post.

With GAIN, clients and other approvers can request revisions on your content if they are unsatisfied. The revisions will go straight to the post creator with detailed notes if the approver chooses to include them.

This feature provides an area for discussion and collaboration between the creator and reviser.


Ultimately, GAIN provides value to individuals, clients, and team members alike. With an organized approval system and collaborative space, marketing teams of all sizes are able to shave hours off their daily routines.

For more information on how GAIN can help your team automate your marketing workflow, start your free GAIN trial today.