You know how it works: You create amazing content and send it around to your team for approval before it goes to your clients. But once that content is emailed to each client, then they start sending back their comments and edits via email or in one of numerous documents. They may even bring in others to leave their feedback, scattering notes all over the place and before you know it, it becomes challenging to keep track of each and every comment and who left it.

As marketers, we’ve all lived this nightmare. Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect way to consolidate client feedback for each piece of content all in one place – and that’s with GAIN.

Let’s talk about how GAIN keeps a history of feedback from your clients all in one place.

Clear content approval workflows

Gaining control of the ‘client feedback beast’ starts with setting a clear workflow of who reviews what and when.

Rather than just keeping this information in your head and trying to remember who needs to review what, GAIN helps your team establish a concrete workflow for your content and decide when your clients should be notified that they have content ready for their review.

Teams can customize approval templates like the one above to include as many internal reviewers and client reviewers as needed.

After you and/or your internal content reviewers, or approvers, give the OK, GAIN can automatically notify everyone in the next “round” that they have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, (or any other creative marketing materials), ready for their review.

social media approvals

After posts are sent for approval, a yellow dot will appear next to any posts pending approval. This helps to remind your team the status of every post on your content calendars for every client and every social channel.

History of changes to content

By sending all of your content through GAIN, your team can minimize the number of mistakes and errors (such as typos or poorly-formatted images) that go live on your clients’ social channels. Of course mistakes can happen (and people can forget who did what), so GAIN keeps a history of changes to every approval, action, and comment on every piece of content.

social media content approval process

This history of every action can be accessed in the Edit mode on any post or by clicking on any post in the content calendar and then clicking “See All Notes”. Notes can be viewed for posts of any status, including drafts, approved, pending approval, scheduled, or live posts.

GAIN social media workflows

GAIN also allows you to export all of your data at any time, including a history of changes and notes. Simply click “Data Export” under your client or brand, and select Export Format: Excel (includes notes).

gain app

content approvals

Content discussions are kept in one place

GAIN allows you to share notes and feedback across your team and with your clients for each piece of content right in the app. This helps eliminate messy, back-and-forth email chains, especially if multiple rounds of revisions are necessary or if a project requires an ongoing discussion beyond a simple “yes” or “no” approval.

gain app

For a majority of marketers, client feedback is now coming from a growing number of channels, including in-person, phone, email, chat apps, and more. Furthermore, most agencies have a number of team members collecting this client feedback, and in a variety of formats.

If your team is ready to manage client feedback more effectively, then consider checking out GAIN — the only platform that helps consolidate and address client concerns in a single, centralized place.