How many emails does it take to get your social media content approved? As your team grows, your content might pass through six or seven hands before it goes live. And that’s before it’s even sent to the client!

If your team is still using email and spreadsheets for your content approval process, it might be time for an upgrade.

A social media approval tool, like GAIN, allows your team to identify exactly who needs to approve content and when, so you never have to send another pesky email reminder to a team member or client to make sure your content is published on time.

So why else should your team consider using a social media approval tool?

Here are five signs that you might need help streamlining your team’s content approval process.

1. You need to save time

GAIN allows you to create approval templates that automatically send content to the exact people that need to see the content during each step of the development process.

After a team member drafts one or many posts, GAIN’s approval process is as simple as checking a box and choosing a single approver to review the content or selecting an approval template (which can include multiple approvers).

social media content approvals

The approver(s) can easily send back individual feedback and edits to the person who created the post(s), or automatically forward the content on to the next person in the approval process using the same system. This eliminates the need for emailing back-and-forth notifying each team member when it’s their turn to review content.

GAIN also allows your team to view older versions of posts and a complete edit history on every piece of content so that you can return to previous copies quickly and easily without wasting time digging through your posts.

2. You need to get content out the door faster

By allowing team members or clients to quickly see exact previews of content, and see how any images or videos will be displayed, GAIN moves the content approval process along faster.

With a few clicks, you can select any content that is approved and ready to publish and schedule it or push it live directly from GAIN, eliminating the need to copy and paste posts into another social media scheduling tool.

GAIN also gives your team the option to automatically schedule any posts that are approved by the final person in your approval templates.

social media content approvals

Using a social media approval tool, you can bypass team members that don’t need to see every post or a specific piece of content so that you don’t waste their time or clutter their inboxes.

Just choose the person, or group of people, that need to review the posts and they will be the only ones who can scan, review, and approve the content.

3. Your team is growing and needs a better way to collaborate

If your team is quickly growing, it might take some practice to get new team members up to speed on your brand’s voice.

GAIN helps expedite the training process by letting new team members view past posts, older feedback on those posts, and helps them learn by allowing you to leave feedback, comments, and revisions on every post.

social media content approvals

Using a social media approval tool assures that your team maintains control over the quality of your content, even as your team grows and changes.

It allows you to take a hands-off approach to managing the content feedback and approval process so you can spend more time on brainstorming creative ideas and monitoring your results.

4. You need to cut down on back-and-forth with clients

Sometimes, you need to quickly communicate changes and opportunities with your clients. However, if they are tired of seeing your name in their inbox, they might ignore an important message.

You never want your clients to get fatigued with your emails. Saving the inbox for important communications and moving your social media chatter over to an approval tool allows you to get the information you need without all of the back-and-forth.

social media approvals

GAIN sends automatic reminders to your clients so that every piece of content gets approved on time and you don’t have to worry about hurting a client relationship over a simple question about a post.

5. You need a way to view content visually before it goes live

If you are still organizing your content in excel spreadsheets, your approvers or clients might have to imagine how content will actually look on social media once it is posted.

Most social media tools don’t allow you see posts in the exact format that they will be displayed on each social network, but GAIN does.

social media post mockups
Save yourself the extra work of creating mockups for each post, or having to paste all your copy into another app once it is approved.

GAIN allows anyone that needs to review content to see exactly what will be posted (including all media files, such as images, videos, GIFs, etc.) so they can approve quickly and easily without having to imagine what a post will look like or download visual mockups.

Is your team ready to spend less time managing and emailing content back-and-forth and more time actually being creative?

You can reduce the time you spend on writing, revising, and getting social media content approved by using an automated social media approval tool like GAIN. Try it for free today! Your clients and your team will thank you.

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