Last week we launched our Twitter integration as a beta feature. If you’re one of our Enterprise customers you should now see the option to add your Twitter accounts to Gain.

Twitter management works exactly like our Facebook integration so using it will be second nature to you. We’ve included some cool features that should help your Twitter content to be more compelling and more visually appealing to your audience, including:

  • Automatic retrieval of images from pages linked on your tweets.
  • Image cropping preset to ensure your images look their best when collapsed, which is Twitter’s default view in the timeline.
  • WYSIWYG editor to give you a preview of how your tweet will look both on the timeline and single view.

As part of the Twitter integration we also launched a brand new scheduling engine that brings even more stability to the platform. Currently we’re using this new engine with Twitter and will be switching Facebook over to it soon.

Contact us if you want to take part of our Twitter beta program.

Improvements, improvements, improvements!

We are working hard to make Gain more useful every day and based on your feedback we just launched the following new features:

  • Simplification of Mobile Navigation – Now it’s even easier for approvers and clients to switch between accounts, Social Networks, and Calendars on their mobile devices.
  • User Profile and Notifications Windows –  They no longer take you out of the current page as they now open in a Modal Window. No longer will you get lost when checking notifications or managing your user profile.
  • Approval Emails Now Direct Straight to the Approval Screen – Emails now take you directly where the pending content is, instead of the calendar. This should make things simpler for occasional users and approvers.
  • Better Content Filtering – Now you can better filter your content by giving you the option of selecting “Only This” from any of the filters. Example, if you want to see only posts that “Require Revision”, instead of deselecting all the other filters now you can just select “Only This” right next to the “Require Revision” filter.
  • Upload your Company Logo – You can now upload your agency or company logo to your account, making it visible not only to all users of the tool, but also all approvers, including your clients!
  • Link Editing on Facebook Posts – You can now modify URLs in Facebook link posts after you’ve removed the link from the post’s body.

Thanks to all our customers for the valued feedback. We have some really cool stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks including some major announcements that will make a lot of you very happy!

If you’re reading our blog for the fist time you probably haven’t tried Gain yet and have no idea what you are missing. You should try it today, free for 14 days, no credit card needed!