Here’s a common case that many users have asked us about:

“I have 20 posts with approvers already assigned. Turns out the approver is now someone else. Is there a way to change the approver on all those posts at once?”

The answer to this question was, unfortunately, no. Once assigned, an approver will stay with the post, even if you return the post back to your drafts. To change the approver, you’d have to go to each of those 20 posts and change the approver manually. A tiresome process.

We’ve added a simple feature to fix this:


Now when you send posts to your drafts (individually or in bulk), you have the option to completely remove all the approvers that were already assigned to them. This will leave you with posts that are completely clean from an approvals standpoint.

After this you can update your default approval template in the profile settings, then resend those posts to approval. Gain will now send them to the new approvers you’ve set up.

Stay tuned for some great news in the upcoming weeks!