What is it that draws us to a brand? Is it effective marketing, a killer mission statement, or maybe a fail-proof social media strategy? It can be a combination of these things, and typically we are attracted to brands that align with our interests.

At GAIN, we like to keep up with social media trends and topics so we can keep you informed and inspired. Our team compiled a few of our favorite brands we’re following on social media right now to share a little inspiration with you. Hopefully, you too can learn a few things from these beloved brands.

Tasty’s Facebook Page

With a combination of rich visuals, short videos, and easy recipes, Tasty’s brand appeals to anyone in search of inspiration for their next meal. Along with recipe videos, Tasty regularly publishes “how-to” tutorials, ranging from how to properly use a knife to how to use a cast iron skillet.

Overall, the brand offers a wide variety of recipes from international cuisines like Indian, Mexican, and more. Tasty engages consumers and welcomes feedback via the comment section, responding to all praise and constructive criticism alike.

Patagonia’s Instagram


As one of the highest quality outerwear lines in the business, it’s no surprise that Patagonia has a well-curated Instagram page to match the quality of its products. Patagonia often reposts pictures taken by followers in epic sites around the world. By reposting customer photos,  Patagonia creates a space for dreams to come to fruition, showing that anything is possible.

The brand shows us that “ordinary” people can do amazing things (while wearing Patagonia branded clothing, of course).

Patagonia also uses its large follower base to bring awareness to pertinent issues such as the preservation of national parks around the world. Recently, they posted a video against the Trump administration’s decision to defund national parks in the United States. Ultimately, Patagonia does a great job keeping customers equally informed and inspired every day.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary’s Facebook Page

This organization provides a home for older dogs, many of whom have been abandoned by their owners. However, OFSDS is more than just an animal shelter. It has also created a positive community, connecting dog lovers through social media who believe in the well-being of their furry friends.

OFSDS posts daily updates on what’s going on with the dogs, and they have a 100% response rate. It is their interaction with their audience that truly makes them unique, and it is easy to tell that the people behind this company truly love what they do. The success of OFSDS is notable through its consumer engagement and interaction.

Guapaletas’ Instagram

Guapaletas, an artisanal popsicle maker that proudly boasts about its preservative-free products, is more than just an ice cream shop – they also promote a way of life.

Much like the Whole Foods of the world, Guapaletas has become a lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living, appealing to a niche audience who are willing to pay a bit more in exchange for a healthier product. The brand’s Instagram page reflects this reality and commonly promotes both its ice cream and wholesome content like adorable kids and people having a great time.

DiGiorno Pizza’s Twitter


Like most brands on Twitter, DiGiorno’s Pizza has created a social media presence that aims to appeal to Millennials. Unlike most brands, however, Digiorno’s is one of the only truly successful brands that manages to capture the spirit of Millennial Twitter without seeming to be trying too hard.

DiGiorno’s does this with a combination of two fundamental things: hilarious, perfectly-timed tweets that have to do with whatever fad is going around the Internet, and not pushing its product too much. Digiorno’s Pizza has made themselves a voice on Twitter that people enjoy seeing in their timelines, versus a Twitter voice that just pushes their products.

Forever 21’s Twitter

Forever 21’s Twitter page is reflective of its target audience, namely Millennials who want fast fashion at a low price point. The brand offers clothes that mimic the most recent fads in celebrity fashion at a fraction of the price, while also maintaining a high-end feel by featuring celebrities.

Most recently, Bella Hadid was pictured on the brand’s Twitter page donning Forever 21 apparel for a red carpet event. The brand also maintains a one-sided friendship narrative (talking in the way you would to your friends online) offering relatable jokes using celebrity media.

The Coca-Cola Company’s LinkedIn

Coca-Cola has created a great LinkedIn page with compelling, though short and simple, copy that effectively communicates its mission statement. Coca-Cola often posts articles from its online magazine, but surprisingly, the majority of the articles have nothing to do with the company itself. Instead, the topics range from navigating the workplace to self-improvement and success.

Additionally, Coca-Cola adamantly pushes its philanthropic endeavors to the forefront. The company shares their stance on social issues and entices meaningful conversations with their audience.

HP’s LinkedIn

Showcasing a variety of content on its LinkedIn page, HP posts updates on everything from diversity and inclusion issues in the workplace to life on Mars. HP’s LinkedIn content is informative and compelling, creating an educational space and forum for customers to engage and learn.

For the tech and non-techies alike, HP’s LinkedIn posts find the perfect balance between honoring its employees to debuting the latest in technology.

It seems there is no secret sauce behind the perfect social media strategy. However, many of our favorite picks have common themes. A combination of highly-engaging, thought-provoking visuals, and passionate team members in behind-the-scenes, seems to be consistent throughout all of these brands’ pages. Knowing and sticking to content that appeals to your target audience doesn’t hurt either.

We’re always looking for new inspiration to share with our followers. What are some your favorite brands on social media? Share them with us in the comments!