As a marketing account manager, it can often feel like you’re getting pulled in a million different directions.

One minute you’re on a call discussing your client’s needs, and the next, you’re putting a plan into action – assigning tasks to writers, designers, and other team members for each piece of content. 

The marketing industry evolves quickly, you need the right tools to keep your team’s content workflow running smoothly and manage your increasing workload.

The good news is that Gain can help!

Here are six ways Gain can make your life easier as an account manager.

1. Better client relationships

As an account manager, your primary responsibility is to cultivate and maintain good relationships with clients. Regular communication with clients is critical for keeping things productive and positive, and you need an organized system for sharing information and giving them updates. 

Maintaining good client communication is easy with Gain. They can see exactly what content will look like when published, helping avoid confusion and facilitating specific feedback.

Clients can comment directly on each post, which consolidates communication and keeps all comments in one place, so you can avoid misplacing important feedback once and for all.

You can also make it clear who is doing what task and how far along projects are in the pipeline. This helps make both your life and your clients’ lives easier.

With the time you save by working more efficiently with Gain, you can take on more clients and grow your accounts. 

2. Planning strategically

Strategic planning is a significant part of an account manager’s job. Therefore, you need a real-time, interactive view of how each task fits into a larger campaign.

When it comes to strategic planning, using spreadsheets just doesn’t cut it.

With Gain, you can easily plan and organize all your team’s content marketing efforts in one place.

Content calendars allow you to view all of your team’s work at a glance for numerous clients, and with separate calendars for each brand. 

Imagine hopping on a call with a client to discuss their goal of increasing website leads through blogging.

Together, you can look at their content calendar to view all upcoming content. Filter just what you need to see (all draft content, all live content, posts for a specific social channel, etc).

You no longer have to search through countless email threads and messy spreadsheets to find what you need.  

Gain’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to organize or reschedule content quickly. You can also label essential dates and events, or use tags to group certain types of content.

3. Managing projects

On top of daily marketing tasks, account managers are in charge of maintaining the client relationship, allocating department resources, project planning, and monitoring the status of all campaigns.

To manage these projects effectively, you need to have a good handle on your team’s work progress as well as their overall workload.

Gain enables you to manage your team’s work more efficiently. Let’s say you are developing website content for a client.

You can use Gain to assign specific tasks to your writers, graphic designers, and anyone else essential to the project. 

Maybe you need changes made to the copy or imagery – sharing feedback and tagging anyone involved couldn’t be easier with Gain. 

And when you need to refer back to any feedback or conversations among your team, everything is right there.

Gain keeps track of it all so you don’t have to spend time digging through old emails.

4. Managing client files

Searching for a logo or graphics can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. It can be time-consuming to track down files that may be unusually named or placed.

It would help if you had a way to centralize all of your team’s digital files so that it’s easy for everyone to get to them. 

Gain’s new File Collections feature allows you to house all of the content and files your team needs or creates for easy previewing, collaboration, and approval.

Keep everything from videos and vector files to images and PDFs organized in one place. 

When you’re juggling several client accounts and are in and out of countless meetings, it’s easy to overlook or forget who said what.

Gain helps you streamline your workflow. You can send your work to clients or anyone that needs to review it. 

File collections keep internal discussions, content status, and key dates safe (and on your content calendars) so you know what’s still a draft, what needs approval, and what’s been approved for each brand that you manage.

5. Getting content approved on time

A lot of resources go into content production. Going from creation to approval often involves several people and various departments.

That’s why you must have a defined approval process to keep everything running smoothly. Not having one can slow down your team and delay projects by more than a week

With Gain, you no longer have to stop what you’re doing to chase down team members or clients for approvals. Gain sends your clients automatic reminders to sign off on any work.

Using Gain, teams and clients can see pixel-perfect previews, leave feedback, and approve content from any device.

And since Gain supports all types of content for approval, you can invite different teams or departments to your account to preview, collaborate, and approve content.

For instance, if you have a presentation that your sales team needs to review, you can easily upload and send it to them via Gain.

With flexible Approval Workflows, you can decide who approves content first, last, and everywhere in between.

Gain sends content automatically to the next person for review, streamlining your entire workflow.

6. Makes overall team collaboration easier

Collaboration can be challenging for marketing teams.

Campaigns can involve many people and various departments. Imagine having to send emails to everyone involved in a project – copywriters, designers, SEO/SEM specialists, the public relations team, sales team, compliance department, and others.

Things can get chaotic quickly.

You’re busy managing multiple projects for several clients at a time. However, once a content draft is ready, you don’t have time to worry about how it will reach the next person in line for review with Gain.

Gain allows you to put your content approval and publishing process on auto-pilot.

It automatically moves content along, notifying each next person or client in your workflow that needs to review it until everything is approved, scheduled, and published. 

Making account managers lives easier!

Balancing day to day tasks with project management, strategic planning, team collaboration, and other responsibilities can be stressful for account managers.

Gain, however, can help you manage your team more effectively and reduce your workload. Try it for free today! 🌟

Gain is an easy-to-use tool that automates the gathering of feedback and approvals from clients or stakeholders, specifically designed for marketing assets. Start a free trial and save precious time with an automated approval workflow for all your marketing content!