Headquartered in Orange, California, Get Community is a full-service social media agency that helps a number of companies strategize, create, and build up their brands on social media in order to connect with their target customers. At Get Community, the goal is simple: to create buzz. To do this, Kelly Borgen, the Chief Buzz Creator, has built a talented team of social media extraordinaires that know how to build and grow communities online. We recently spoke to Kelly to learn more about how her team is structured and how they use Gain to manage their social media content workflows.

1. Tell us a bit about your role. What do you do?

I am the Chief Buzz Creator for Get Community. We are a full-service social media agency. Essentially, I run the business, mentor the staff, work on strategy for our clients, and build on those relationships.

2. What does your team look like, and how do you all work together?

Our team is structured in groups. We have a writing team that writes and proofs all of our content, an account management team that engages with both our clients and their customers, and a graphics team that creates video, codes, and builds graphics as needed. Almost all of us work together using Gain on various levels, and we’re very collaborative across clients.

3. Before Gain, how did you manage social media content approvals? What was the most time-consuming part of the process?

Very slowly in excel and emails back-and-forth. We were always looking for ways to improve the organization and presentation of our content, and if clients wanted to see how posts would look, that was nearly impossible and very time-consuming.

4. What is the biggest problem Gain solves for you?

The biggest problem Gain solves for our team has to be showcasing our content to our clients and tracking all of the comments and changes to content. Not to mention, the layered approval process.

5. Do you think Gain has helped improve your client relationships? If so, how?

Absolutely. We are a professional company and Gain is a tool that allows us to present ourselves that way. It’s also made the process super easy for our clients, which they appreciate.
Thanks so much to Kelly for talking with us and be sure to follow GetCommunity on Instagram. We’ll be sharing more tips and insights from the top agencies using Gain to automate their social media approvals so stay tuned! If you’re ready to start automating the content approval process with your clients, try out a free demo of Gain today.