Bring your Gain approval workflow to all your marketing content 🙌🏽

Did you know you can manage more than social media in Gain? Actually, that’s when you get the most value out of Gain–when you can manage not just the social content but all the marketing assets created for each brand! You can easily upload or import your print ad files, billboards, video ads, media plans, creative briefs, or even client presentations.

What’s the value of bringing all your files to Gain? 

  • First, you’d be giving all your clients or approvers easy, no-fuss access to all their marketing assets (making it easier for them to see the big picture) from any browser and any device. 
  • Second, and most importantly, all their marketing assets can go through the same approval process. This means all your content can be shared and all your feedback and approval rounds can be documented in the same way, even if different teams worked on them. 

If you’re not yet using Gain for files, or not every team in your agency is using Gain, this is a great time to try it! We just launched some extra features and improvements to make the file experience extra smooth. Read on! 👀

File Collections are now File Folders 📂

Gain allows you to upload and send to approval the most commonly used file formats. This way, you can incorporate virtually any marketing asset into your approval workflow. 

To improve your experience using files, we’ve renamed File Collections as File Folders. With File Folders, you can organize your marketing content however you want. You’ll be able to share your files with your approvers individually or in a shared calendar along with all of that brand’s social content. Plus, we’ve also made it easier to upload or import files.

Annotations? Yes, please! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Ever wish you could select a specific part of your content and add notes to it? Of course you have! That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the ability to make annotations to files in Gain! Now, any collaborator and approver can mark up specific sections of an image or document to give super clear and detailed feedback. You can even make multiple annotations in a single revision request, reducing back and forth with your team and clients. Gain will keep track of every version you annotate so you have the full story.

Your content has never looked this good!

We improved the Gain file viewer to make sure your clients and stakeholders can see your content the way you intended it to. A new smooth zoom ensures they can see every detail nice and sharp. We’re sure this will get your content approved faster!

Import files from more places

We know you use many different tools as part of your marketing stack. We’ve made sure you can import files from all the most used tools, to centralize your workflow and your approval process. 

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • OneDrive
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

This is something that we’re always working on, so we’ll be adding more partners to this list. Plus, you can also import a file from a URL. Learn more about importing from a URL here.

Finally, you can connect your Gain account with your Canva account and send your designs to Gain straight from Canva! Look for Gain in the Canva App Directory.

Get your file approved, then use it anywhere!

After you’ve shared your file with your client and received approval, anyone can quickly create social posts with it for all your channels. Gain will ✨ automagically ✨ transform your file to whatever format is required by the different social networks. That means you only upload your asset once! Read all about duplicating content here.

All your brands, all your content, all your teams, one place to come together.

How does having all the files for one brand organized in a central place make your life easier? 

You’ve seen how easy it is to share your social media content with your clients. They can access all the content you share with them in a safe place, without even needing login credentials. Now imagine how many less emails you’ll have to send, when your clients can not only access their social content like this, but also the project brief, the media plan, their new video campaign, or their new packaging design

Now, imagine how much smoother your workflow will be, and how much time you’ll save, when everything you create for a client is in the same, accessible place, with an automated approval workflow. 🤗

Try the new files experience with more teams free for 90 days!

We want you to experience first-hand the benefits of having all of your company’s teams and clients working in the same way. For a limited time, you’ll be able to bring more users to Gain with no additional cost for 3 whole months. We’ll even onboard them for you and help them set up their ideal approval workflows! Just reach out to our Customer Support team, let them know how many users you want to add, and they’ll set everything up for you. 

Gain is an easy-to-use tool that automates the gathering of feedback and approvals from clients or stakeholders, specifically designed for marketing assets. Start a free trial and save precious time with an automated approval workflow for all your marketing content!