2020 has been an intense year. Our hearts go out to everyone who’s been affected by COVID-19. As of now, our team and our families are safe and we’re wearing masks and abiding by social distancing rules to protect ourselves, our families, and our friends. We’re also grateful that we’ve always been a remote team, so we didn’t really have to adjust to a new way of working. 

But even during a pandemic, work must go on, so we kept busy making improvements to Gain. Here’s a quick recap of 2020!

A new Files experience

Files got a lot of love this year! When building our 2020 roadmap, we prioritized it because, with a robust files experience, you can bring your Gain approval workflow to all your marketing content, not just social media.

We introduced file annotations so now, both collaborators and approvers can mark up specific sections of an image or document. You can even make multiple annotations in a single revision request, reducing back and forth. Now everyone can give super precise feedback! 

To help you keep track of annotations, We introduced file versions so that you can view old annotations and the version they refer to.

We also improved the file viewer to make sure your clients and stakeholders can see your content the way you intended it to. A new smooth zoom ensures they can see every detail nice and sharp. 

Finally, we renamed File Collections as File Folders and we made it easier to upload files to them. File Folders let you organize your marketing assets however you want and share them with your approvers in the calendar along with their social media content!

Read more about the new Files experience here.

An extra layer of security

We launched 2-step verification so you can make your data, as well as the data of your clients and/or stakeholders, extra secure. You can read more about this initiative and our commitment to security here.

Bringing your Canva designs to Gain

We launched a Gain app in the Canva App Store, so now Canva users can send their designs from Canva straight to Gain for approvals. No more downloading from Canva to upload to Gain! Read all about it here and if you’re already designing in Canva, check out the Gain app in the Canva App Store!

Publishing videos to LinkedIn

We couldn’t wrap 2020 without launching the most requested feature of 2020: publishing videos to LinkedIn! We’re so happy that we’re now able to support it. (Not to mention our Customer Happiness rep Paula, who fields your requests and communicates them to our product team!)

Making Gain faster and more reliable

Our development team is constantly looking for ways to make Gain faster, smoother, and more reliable. They worked hard migrating our systems to the newest APIs from the social networks that Gain supports and converting Gain into a Single Page App or SAP. If you want to know more about this, contact us! Our engineers love to geek out with peeps who understand the language!

New ways to give us feedback

We implemented surveys with NPS and CSAT scores in Gain. Gathering feedback from you is so important for the Gain team. That’s how we make all our decisions–we read every single feedback you send us and prioritize our projects accordingly. Please keep the feedback coming in 2021! We’re listening!

What’s next?

Well, we have plenty of projects planned for 2021 so as always, stay tuned!

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