Today, hundreds of marketing teams and thousands of users use Gain to simplify their workflow process. We strive to make processes simpler with every iteration and new feature that we launch.

To that end, today we are introducing Content Duplication.

Now, no matter what social channel you’re managing on Gain, you can select the content you want and duplicate it to any other of the client’s channels. The process of creating content for multiple channels is now dramatically streamlined.

Why this feature is a huge deal for you

Our product philosophy follows the well-established notion that brands should create content in a format that’s natural and native for each social network. As such we’ve always stayed away from the “create once, publish everywhere” model of other platforms, which forces you into creating content for the lowest common denominator.

A common example: you’re creating content for some Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Under the “create once, publish everywhere” model you’d be forced to limit your content to 140 characters, since that’s the Twitter maximum. Now your Facebook and Instagram content sounds unnatural.

With Gain’s new duplication feature we remove the limitations of the “create once, publish everywhere” model. Now you can start a Twitter Post with a video, then duplicate it to Facebook and make both the text and the video longer. Or start an Instagram Post then duplicate it to Facebook and add a link. The possibilities are endless.

How Content Duplication helps your team be faster

  • Create content faster than ever before – Instead of creating content for each social channel independently, you can now work in bulk. For example, create all your content for your Facebook page then duplicate everything to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can even duplicate it to other accounts of the same type (for example, Facebook to Facebook)!
  • Duplicate as you create – The closest thing to perfection! When creating content on any social profile, you can quickly choose what other channel to publish it in and Gain will create a copy immediately.
  • Reuse Past Content – Find previous content that has done great for you and duplicate and schedule it as needed.

Content Duplication is available right now to all accounts so feel free to try it out!


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