Today we’re excited to introduce a brand new user experience for reviewing content on Gain. Approvals are, after all, what Gain is all about, and these improvements should make the whole process more enjoyable for your team and more “wow-worthy” for your clients.

The Universal Approval Queue is Here

Hooray! Now there’s a single screen that contains all your pending approvals. No more having to jump between social profiles to review content. The new approval center is always visible (right there next to your avatar pic) and will display all the content that’s pending your review. External clients should also have a nicer time approving. They can get in, get out, and keep the process moving.

A Friendlier Experience on Every Screen


The new approvals screen is cleaner and much friendlier both in desktop and mobile. Posts are now displayed as big as possible, and all relevant information for the approver is surfaced right next to each. Also, the main calls to action (approve or request revisions) are bigger and clearer, which should make it easy even for approvers who are reviewing content for the first time.

Faster than Ever

As is the case for all our recent improvements, we’re focusing on speed. The new approvals area is faster to load and actions are processed many times faster as well. You want your clients to be able to approve on the go, and these speed improvements are specially noticeable in mobile.

Ready for this? Try it out now by starting a 14-day free trial. No credit card required!