We’re excited to tell you about some great new features and improvements we’ve made to Gain. Customers have been asking for these for some time and we’re glad to release them today for you to play with.

A More Streamlined Post Editor


The WYSIWYG Facebook Post Editor gets a new look that’s more attractive and space-saving. The post previews are still front and center, but the scheduling and targeting options are more compact. We’ve also made the approval status section more prominent, so you can always see at a glance if the client has approved your post or has asked for revisions.

A Better Approvals Experience for your Clients


Speaking of client approvals, we’ve made the approvals process better. If you’ve used Gain in the past you know that you can already send content directly to your clients, and they can either approve or request revisions just by clicking a link on an email message—no login required. Now we’ve enhanced this experience. Some highlights:

  • Mobile-friendly approval area. Now your clients can see and approve content on the go, right from their phone.
  • Full content calendar available to approvers. Now your clients can see a complete timeline of all posts that will be published on their Facebook page in the upcoming weeks.
  • A better desktop experience as well. On a desktop computer, your clients can now see full-size post previews, exactly how they’ll look once they’re published.

A Notification Center for You


Finally, we’re introducing a brand new notification center to let you keep track of client approvals and request for revisions. You’ll never miss a client request again.

All these new features are available today so be sure to try them out. And if you haven’t checked out Gain yet, remember, you can try it out for free right now, no credit card required.