When we set out to create Gain we knew it was going to be a challenge. Building a product that would finally bring sanity and focus to the process of creating, collaborating, and managing social media content would not be easy, especially when you are trying to help fix the current workflows that have been adopted by many marketers as they try to adapt to the current crop of tools in the market today.

After months of hard work we are happy to announce the new features of Gain. This is a big update as it brings the most requested features, especially for those of you on larger teams and teams with more complex approval processes.

I want to thank all of our customers that helped us with their feedback and their ideas that made this update possible. Let’s go ahead and review the changes that you’ll see.

Mass Editing and Bulk Actions


You can finally schedule, modify, send to approval, or delete multiple posts at once. Just select all the content that you want to modify and select your action. It’s so simple we should have had this from the start!

Multiple Approval Rounds 


This is the big one for our Enterprise customers. You can finally customize the way Gain handles your content approvals. Enterprise clients can now have as many rounds of approvals as needed with as many users as they wish.

Admins can now be approvers too! Now any Gain user can approve content in the same simple way that clients could. We are bringing the approval experience inside the same interface that you are used to. It makes it easier for internal team members and admins to be part of the approval process too.

Approval Status Visualization


In the list view you can now see at a glance in what step of the approval process any piece of content is at any given time. This will make it easy for admins to determine which of the approvers are slacking to help you easily move the process along. You’ll never have to open the content to see the status again.

Permanent Client Calendar


Before moving to Gain, most of our customers where approving content using a combination of spreadsheets, Google Docs, and email. As frustrating as those tools were, they had one benefit: they left a paper trail. From the final approver point of view, that one spreadsheet that they received served as the calendar that they could reference in order to see what was to be posted next. Our tool unfortunately didn’t do a good job at this and forced some customers to have to resort to “creative” measures to replicate it.

We’ve fixed this on this release. Now anyone, including an external approver or client can see the calendar all the time without the need to remember a password. This ensures that the approver or client will always see the latest version of the calendar real time and on the go. Your team can now minimize the content communication with the approver or client to keep them updated of changes, unless you want to.

What’s next?


Unlike most other social media management tools on the market today, adding support for additional social networks to Gain is not a trivial task. What makes Gain different (and loved!) by a lot of our customers is that we treat each social network as its own and not just bring down the experience to the lowest common denominator. For example, today we customized the experience of creating content on Facebook in a way that’s even better than Facebook’s own way of doing it, as we provide immediate feedback as to how the content will look before it’s published. And we want to create the same experience to all the social networks that we support in the future.

With this update we made all the necessary changes to Gain’s underlying infrastructure to ensure easier, faster, and more robust social network integrations moving forward. This means that Twitter is really coming soon this time and we have started working on this integration already. And we want to bring the same experience to all the other social networks!

If you are a Gain user, log in right now to check out the new features and let us know what you think!

If you haven’t tried Gain yet click below to get you started.