Hundreds of marketing teams around the world rely on Gain to manage their social media planning and client approvals. Each new team brings interesting use cases and workflows that we hadn’t thought about before. We’ve been listening to these requests and today we’re introducing some features to improve flexibility and team organization for these customers.

New Roles

Previously, team members could be categorized in one of two roles: approvers and regular users. Approvers are typically clients or internal stakeholders whose only job is to review content and provide feedback. Regular users were internal team members who could do everything else: create content, send to approval, schedule, and publish.

Today we’ve separated regular users into two distinct roles:

  • Contributors – these are users that can create and edit draft content, but can’t send to approval, schedule, or publish. This role is perfect for creative teams inside agencies or external personnel who contribute content but can’t have publishing rights for compliance purposes.
  • Publishers – these are users that can create and edit content, but can also send to approval, schedule and publish content. This role is perfect for social media team leaders and planners whose job is to oversee and move forward the approval/publishing process.

These new roles, together with approvers, provide more flexibility for distributed teams and agencies working with larger brands.

Client Admins

Gain allowed account owners to designate specific users as account admins. Account admins could invite new users, connect social profiles, and perform other administrative tasks across the entire account.

Today we’re introducing the ability to designate users as admins at the client level. Client admins can perform the same tasks as account admins, but only for certain clients. This is perfect for very large organizations that manage more than a handful of clients in Gain, as it provides better delegation of these administrative tasks.

Better Invitations

Finally, we’ve made some improvements in the process of inviting and onboarding new team members. The process is now easier and more intuitive for both the inviter and invitee.

These new features are available right now. Try them out today, free for 14 days. No credit card required!