Today we’re introducing some often-requested features that will surely improve your productivity in Gain.

Calendar Drag and Drop

That’s right, changing dates in the Gain calendar is now as simple as dragging and dropping your posts from one day to another. This makes it extremely easy to plan and manage your content across the month.

Quick Date Edit

Now you can quickly change a post’s date and time by simply clicking on the date. No need to go into the post editor to change it. This feature is available on all screens including the calendar and list views. Wherever you see an underlined post date, it means you can click to change it right there.

Much Faster Calendar Loading

We’ve also made some big improvements in calendar speed. Even calendars with hundreds of posts should load swiftly and operations complete much faster.

Ready to try these features? They’re available right now! And if you haven’t tried Gain, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today. No credit card required.