Our goal at Gain is to make it simpler for you to manage content, and managing visual content in bulk is hard, especially visualizing it all in a 30-day calendar.

Today we’re releasing a new 30-day calendar view of your content. The calendar view works both inside each social profile and at the client level, where you can finally see all your client content—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—in one place.

Social Profile Calendar

The 30-day calendar is now the default view for scheduled content inside each social profile. You can still switch back to the weekly view by selecting the “View Weekly” option on the upper right.

Client Calendar

The Client Calendar View allows you to see any or all the social profiles that are under each client. You can very quickly toggle between social profiles as needed to see their content on the calendar.


Note that, like the Weekly Timeline View, you will only see content that has a proposed date or has been scheduled, so content without a date will not be seen in the calendar.

Try It And Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear your thoughts on it and will be announcing many more enhancements to it soon.

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