We’ve talked to hundreds of marketing professionals all over the world on our quest to help make social media marketing easier for teams and their clients. They come in all sizes, from single professionals managing content for a few clients to larger organizations managing large Fortune 500 brands.

Although our previous pricing structure was great for larger organizations, smaller teams had a harder time absorbing the added cost of their operation, making it hard for them use us.

Today we are announcing the new Gain plan that makes it simple for enterprises to grow with us, but also makes it easy for smaller teams to use Gain.

Our new price is simple, just $20 per user.

That’s right, now you pay only for the people using Gain. That’s it, no minimums, no more bundling, or per-social account fees, nothing. Just a simple plan with all our existing features including multi-user, multi-round approvals. Still no contracts or long term commitments.

What if I’m in an old plan?

We will be moving all our customers to the new plans immediately. Most people will actually see a reduction of their monthly fee, and those with many users who would normally see an increase will be receiving discounts on their accounts that will keep their monthly payment the same, and a reduction of their per-user price as well.

Note that if you are currently on an old Pro plan, you will now get access to all the previously enterprise only features, including multi-round, multi-user approvals.

Do I have to pay for approvers too?

Yes, in order to truly make our price simple, we have to treat all the users that benefit from using Gain the same. Based on the usage that we see most of, our customers will not see an increase in pricing and those who do will receive a discounted rate for the life of the account to offset this increase.

When will this change happen?

Immediately, we will be switching over all accounts to the new plans starting Monday, August 24th, but could take us a couple of days to switch all accounts. But don’t worry, your service or pricing will not be affected.

We are really excited about opening our service to so many smaller marketing teams that could not afford us in the past!

Feel free to reach out to us at support@gainapp.com with any questions that you might have regarding this change.

Tried Gain in the past?

If you tried Gain in the past, you are welcome to try it again for another 14 days and of course you can now sign up at the new price. Just login to Gain with your username and password and select “Start your 14 day trial”.