We just launched a couple of new features and enhancements and they’re now available to all our users.

Audience Limiting

Besides the ability to target Facebook posts to specific users on their newsfeed, now you can also limit who can see those posts anywhere on Facebook.

When using the existing Newsfeed Targeting option you can make sure your posts are presented only on the newsfeed of a specific audience segment of the people that like your page. You can use any combination of the following to narrow the audience segment:

  • Country, State, or City
  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Interested in
  • Relationship status
  • Languages
  • Education

This is the most common way that brands target their message but It is important to note that Newsfeed Targeting only affects posts that users see on their newsfeed. Users that visit a page directly on Facebook (facebook.com/brand) can see all posts from the page regardless of the individual post’s newsfeed targeting options. This is why we launched Audience Limiting.


With Audience Limiting you can further limit the audience that can see your posts, including those that visit your page directly. With Audience Limiting you can limit by:

  • Country, State, or City
  • Languages

Please note that when you use the Audience Limiting option you are also limiting the people who will see any of your page’s posts that have been shared by a user.

If you are a brand that requires age limiting for your content due to regulations, such as alcoholic, pharmaceutical, or any other adult related content you can limit the age directly on Facebook by following these instructions.

Right-hand Column Ad Preview

As Facebook finished the new ad format rollout worldwide, we have updated our real-time preview for the Right-hand Column Ad unit in the post editing screen to ensure that you know exactly how your post will look when it’s promoted to that ad unit.


We still have a bunch more features coming in the next couple of weeks that we can’t wait to tell you about!

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Image by Roger Reuver.