Today we introduce the ability to mention other Facebook pages when creating posts on Gain. This feature makes it simple to mention other pages that are related to your client’s brands or mention pages relevant to your message.

It works just how you’d expect

To mention a page just type “@” followed by the name of the page that you want to mention, a list will drop down showing you the most relevant choices and you can just use your arrow keys to move through the list, hitting enter to select. You can also use the mouse to click over the desired page.

It looks and works just like on Facebook

In keeping with our philosophy to give you a native experience, once you click outside the text field on the post editor, we will provide you a perfect preview of how the mentions will look to users when published, and this preview and the ability to click on the mentions are carried over through the whole approval process so everyone can be certain that the correct pages have been mentioned.

Why you should use it

Here are the two major reasons why you should start mentioning other pages on your posts:

  1. Attribution – If you are resharing content from another source it’s always good to give a nod to those who created it and a great way to do this is by mentioning their page on your posts.
  2. Cross-Promotion – Let those who like your page know that there are other pages related to the brand that they might want to check out and maybe like too.

Either way it’s a win for both you and the page you mention! By mentioning other pages you are exposing your page’s content to a whole new audience as Facebook will occasionally show your content to those that follow the page that you are mentioning.

This feature is live now, just login and start using it right away.

If you haven’t tried Gain yet, go ahead and signup and use Gain with your whole team, free for 14 days. No credit card needed!