Today we’ve launched a brand new content approval process that is more flexible and much more powerful. It gives you the flexibility to create everything from simple, one-person approvals to complex, multi-person workflows.

A New Look

We’ve updated the look of the approvals process to be more graphical and easier to understand at a glance. See who approved, who requested a revision, or who hasn’t answered yet in a simple, easy-to-understand diagram view.

Single or Multiple Approvals per Round

Now each approval round can be set up in one of two ways:

  • Everyone must approve. The round won’t be approved until every person in the round gives the ok.
  • Any single person can approve. As soon as one of the persons in the round gives the ok, the round is marked approved.

Sit Back, Let Gain do the Work for You


The new approvals process has some great automation features that let you move the process along with less work. No more having to manually continue the process at each step of the way (but you can still do that if you want.)

Auto-advance to Next Round

With this new option selected, as soon as the round is approved Gain will automatically continue the approval process to the following round, including sending the appropriate notifications to approvers in the next round.

Auto-schedule Post After All Approved
This new option automatically schedules the content as soon as all the rounds are approved (assuming you set up a future publishing date for it.) Now you can take the whole process from draft to published without manual intervention!

All these new features are live now, just log in and use them right away.

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